cchen7 12:27am, 25 August 2009
Was bag-searched during my NYC commute and the police officer was mighty suspicious of my Mr. Bento! He didn't seem to quite buy my explanation that it's a lunch box.

What has your Mr Bento been mistaken for?
blue_firefly 9 years ago
Ha! That is so funny! Did he/she think it was some sort of explosive? That is great!

No one has really mistaken mine for anything that I can remember but I get lots of questions, that is for sure! ^^
elaynam 9 years ago
You know, I love how you get searched if you carry anything slightly bigger than a tote bag (and suspicious of a Mr. Bento! Sheesh!) but the other day, no joke, I saw a guy carrying a SWORD on the train. And granted, it was in a scabbard, but he was holding it like he was preparing for battle.
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