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Jar Lunch boxes

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pagesnme says:

I have a Mr. Bento and although its large, I love it. However my work situation is changed and I will be literally eating 'on the road'. With Mr. Bento, I had access to a microwave so I really didn't use the keep food warm option. I have been looking into a smaller jar or thermal bento box with the warm main dish and cold side boxes. My question is with the ms bento and smaller tiger ones, are the bags insulated so that I can put cold things outside the jar in the same bags? Does any one have one of the box jar sets as described above? Can you tell me about it?
5:14AM, 23 July 2009 PDT (permalink)

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flit says:

If you are more worried about eating too much from the capacity than physical size, you can always put hot tea (or broth, etc.) in the bottom compartment of your Mr. Bento to keep your main dish warm.

I find that the top two compartments stay nicely room temperature all day. I'd be willing to experiment with freezing something small on the topmost and have it be thawed by lunch, even.

I haven't taken a good look at Ms. Bento, but I believe that it's like Mr. Bento but smaller, with two hot containers and one cold, all packed in a vacuum jar.
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cb.2e1idt says:

I have the ms. bento with three containers and find it suits me very well. I also have a larger insulated lunch jar but it it is a bit big for me if I am just having lunch. Anyway, I have been packing mine by 0710 each morning and eating it from 1230 onwards and still find it nice and warm. The top container is brilliant because it comes with a removable divider cup which you can either use or not use depending on what you want to pack the lunch box with. I have noticed a bit of heat transfer through from the rice container, so I don't know if I would put lettuce in it.
I have never used the bag that comes with it, so can't comment on its ability to keep things cool.
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mozunga says:

i wanted to buy some leakproof containers for my wife's lunches. sometimes she wants to take soup, other times she assembles her indian lunches which include a soupy daal. so far nothing has worked well. spoke with someone at zojirushi.com and he said the containers aren't leakproof. spoke with my sister who has 2 small boys and she uses tiger brand. so i got the tiger brand stainless food jar and the 3 compartment stainless lunch jar. have not opened them, yet. are they dependable or should i return them for zojirushi bento's instead?
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Sandy Wambold says:

I have the Mr. Bento which has four containers: soup container, large rice container and two smaller containers. The soup container is leakproof and the two smaller containers have tight seals as well, The large container is for rice and similar food, it will leak liquids. The outer thermal container that everything goes into would leak liquids, but it shouldn't matter because it's the inner containers that matter. I've packed soup and other leaky foods in the three small containers.

For soup meals, I bought myself a soup thermos since the Mr Bento soup container is really for a side soup (like the traditional miso soup). Check the container sizes on their website before buying.
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