langnoi 11:25pm, 15 June 2009
Does anyone know of any insulated bento boxes/jars with either stainless steel or glass containers? I've been searching forever a plastic-free lunch box for my toddler to take to day care. All the Zojirushi/Tigger/Thermos have stainless steel thermos but their inside compartment containers are all plastic. Why don't they make the containers with stainless steel or glass?! Anyone have any ideas?
noiseless request [deleted] 10 years ago
Is glass really a great idea for toddlers at a day care? I'd understand if you said that your child would be careful with it, but there must be others.
blue_firefly 9 years ago
I know this is an older thread but - how about a tiffin? Those are stainless steel.
Sandy Wambold 9 years ago
I know this doesn't directly answer your question, but Pottery Barn has some new insulated thermos containers that are short, more like a bowl than the cup, that look awfully nice. You could pack the hot items you want to send it that, perhaps separating foods with silicone muffin cups. Put inside a traditional lunch bag with other goodies.
discojing 8 years ago
+ Lunch bots is a great company:
+ Kids Konserve:
+ To Go Ware:
+ Fresh Baby:
+ New Wave:
+ Eco LunchBox:

If all the containers were metal or glass, I think the fear is that they would be too hot to handle.
discojing 8 years ago
discojing 8 years ago
I also saw this one today, you can keep it cold, but not hot:
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