tribskitchen 12:41am, 8 September 2008
I got my bento classic a couple of weeks ago! I'm really exited to start using it abd posting pictures.

Today is my first day using it for lunch. I have packed a nice garden salad, some cold soba with sesame/soy dipping sauce and a banana. I'll post a picture after work!

I'm going to have to make a nice soup and some gyoza to freeze and use for handy fast lunches. What are some good healthy staples everyone here likes to use for their bento?
Jahima 10 years ago
Some healthy items I go for are:

plain boiled pinto beans
various kinds of yogurt topped with assorted frozen berries
carrots, celery, avocados etc
wheat crackers
Firefoxx65 10 years ago
Precooked Chicken Breast Strips. (Costco Size)
I put a little bit of butter and Buffalo Wing Sauce.

I also buy frozen Green Beans and put a little bit of Sesame Oil and some Sesame Seeds on it.

When I am making Pancakes I make some Mr. Bento Sized one.

Tunasalad in the Soup Container and Celery in the Next container up.

Nacho fixins.

You can use muffin pans and make Cornbread, Meatloaf, Shepherds Pie, Little Casseroles.

If you have a water cooler at work with a Hot water tap, I buy a large container of Miso and put a teaspoon in the Soup Container, a couple of pieces of tofu and a piece of Seaweed, add Hotwater, seal the lid for a few minutes, shake and eat.
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