tribskitchen 1:34am, 4 July 2008
I am looking at getting a Bento classic instead of the regular Mr. Bento... but I can't make up my mind!

Plus side of Mr. Bento:
+ extra bowl for extra snacks/condiments

Plus side of Bento Classic
+ my love of tomato soup won't stain my bento...
+ comes with chopsticks AND spork

It seems Bento Classic may be best, since I can take along snacks in a seperate small container....

Does anyone have both? What do you think?
.ams PRO 10 years ago
I have both. I prefer the Bento Classic ... less variety, but the same volume of food. I like that it has a strap, and the darker containers are awesome!
Minerva Turkey PRO 10 years ago
If the top of the Classic plastic or metal?
tribskitchen 10 years ago
It looks to be stainless steel, like the container, but it's black, not silver.
.ams PRO 10 years ago
Actually, it's plastic ... very similar to Mr. Bento's lid.
Minerva Turkey PRO 10 years ago
Thanks Ariel, that was a deal breaker for me. I will stick with my Mr. :)
tribskitchen 10 years ago
Does the lid effect heat retention at all? I have a microwave at work, so it doesn't matter all that much... just if I wanted to take my bento elsewhere.

The bento classic does have a sealed soup/liquids bowl, doesn't it?
.ams PRO 10 years ago
The lid doesn't effect heat any more than it does on the Mr. Bento. And yes, it still has a sealed liquids bowl.
tribskitchen 10 years ago
I'm sold! Bento Classic it is! I ordered it from Amazon today, not all thats left to do is wait anxiously until it arrives by post!
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