Biggie* 7:10pm, 2 June 2008
To mark the one-year anniversary of, I just launched the Bento Store Locator (BSL) with Google Maps to make it easier for the lunch-packing community to share their knowledge of local stores in a common location. This interactive map should help readers quickly find nearby stores that sell lunch gear, bento boxes and accessories, check out feedback from other readers, add new stores to the map themselves, and leave their own comments on individual store entries. (Like a very basic version of, but focused only on bento gear.) Full details and posting guidelines here at Lunch in a Box.
Biggie* 10 years ago
I also put together a list of online stores that carry bento boxes, accessories and tools, to complement the international Bento Store Locator (BSL) tool with Google Maps and user-generated store feedback. The updated list of online stores is here; let me know if I've missed any big ones!
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