Egg Mold

inzeos PRO 3:23am, 19 May 2008
This evening we finally tried out egg molds! We did half a dozen eggs to make sure we knew how to hard boil them right and time the molds, etc.

I read some where that you should put the bottom / wider part of the egg into the bottom half of the mold, with the top pointing towards the top half of the mold.

Unfortunately when ours came out the bear and bunny were missing their ears and the fish was missing the majority of its tail. Are our eggs to small or should we experiment with the placement of the egg?
elaynam 10 years ago
What size eggs did you use? I find that with my egg molds, I need to use extra large or jumbo eggs because the large eggs aren't quite big enough.
inzeos PRO 10 years ago
I'll have to check the box when I get home. Not entirely sure what size we bought this time around.
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