first Mr. Bento

marigoldlane 2:39am, 7 May 2008
I just got a new Mr. Bento to try out for my kids' lunches. I want the Mr. Bentos for them kids because I love the cuteness factor of bento food. I also don't want them to have to wait in line for the microwave while they fiddle with lids or to carry their hot food to the lunch tables without spills. I originally bought Aladdin Heat and Go lunch bowls which are great until you have to open them and the vacuum won't let you.I found out that others have had the same problems and end up throwing the food and the container away. They are okay at first, but hours later the vacuum is too strong.

I tried the Mr. Bento today at home, and I think it's going to work great. I opened it after 3 hours and everything was still hot with steam. I will see if the heat lasts the full six hours. I was able to open the lids with no issues. I am excited since my daughter will be the first to try out Mr. Bento tomorrow. If all goes well the rest of the week, then I will get another for my son and maybe even my husband.
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