Mrs. or Mini?

unchienne 9:15pm, 30 April 2008
I currently have the Mr. Bento, which I like to use with bulkier foods, but to be honest it's really too big for me. I love this line of products, but I can't decide on whether or not to get the Mrs. Bento or the new Mini Bento.

Does either one come with a soup container? What's the size difference? If you have one, are you happy with the size?
janetcinnc 10 years ago
We have both a Ms. Bento and a couple of Mini Bentos in 2 sizes. The two Mini Bentos we have are the same except for the size. We have one in a retro green bag and one in a silver/blue bag. The green one holds the same amount as the Ms. Bento. The one in the silver/blue bag holds about a total of 3/4 of a cup more, or so.

None of these have soup bowls. The Ms. Bento has the rice bowl and a second bowl that fits into the outer lid. Our second bowl has an inner lid that is not spill-proof. Our Ms. Bento (a couple of years old now) also has a half-round insert for the second bowl that lets you put two things in the second bowl. The rice bowl and the second bowl both fit into the thermal jar. The rice bowl contents stay hotter than the contents of the second bowl.

The Minis have 3 bowls, so you can have more variety. There is a thermal cover for the rice bowl, so only the contents of this bowl can be kept hot (or cold). There are two side bowls with snap-on lids in the Minis which stay at room temperature. According to the insert that came with our Minis, the bowl sizes in the retro green bag are 9.8 oz rice bowl, 5.6 oz small side bowl, 6.7 oz large side bowl. The bowl sizes in the blue/silver bag are 12.7 oz rice bowl, 7.0 oz small side bowl, and 8.1 oz larger side bowl.

The Ms. Bento and the retro green Mini are for our 13-year-old daughter. The size is good for her, but she prefers the Mini because her side items are not heated up. She also says the contents of the rice bowl are kept hotter in the Mini than they are in the Ms. Bento. The problem with the Mini is the adorable little bag makes it hard to include extra items, but you can squeeze a small water bottle in the top of the bag. It's much easier to include things in the Ms. Bento bag.

I haven't used the bigger of the Minis yet. I got it for my husband, who usually uses the Mr. Bento. Again, I wanted the Mini so that he could have some sides that stay at room temperature.
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