SublimeBento 5:21pm, 12 April 2008
Hello All,

I just received my brand new Mr Bento from Japan (model no SL-SA14), its the black model you can see an image of it here:

After opening it, I have found that the lid of the Mr Bento itself wobbles a bit. The lid does close the box but there is a bit of 'play' of the lid. This worries me on two levels (a) it might get more loose over time and (b) if it will contribute to heat loss.

(BTW I am testing it at the moment and will report back on whether it was able to maintain the heat over a testing period of 4 hours, I am testing, soup, rice, salad and tempura and have pre-heated the Mr Bento container with boiling water from the kettle...)

The other problem is that the rice container lid also has some definite 'play', it does seal and hold but this is something that concerns me too. If I had pasta with dry sauce in there and it tipped over, it would definitely leak any moisture or oil...

I've paid good money for my bento box and am a little disappointed that after 3 weeks of waiting I have received an item which seems to be flawed. BTW This was shipped from Japan via Zojirushi via a 3rd party...

Could anyone advise me if you have had the same issues or what I should do? I love the Mr Bento... But I'm a bit frustrated... I guess I need some reassurance from you guys or some advice :)


**Update: After 4 Hours...

--The Soup was on the hotter side of warm, not piping hot...
--The rice was just about warm - might have lost heat due to loose fitting lid.
--The tempura had wilted a bit, but thats fine because it wasn't soggy and was still a little crispy (note: the Japanese version of Mr Bento has a nifty little stand for tempura to sit on).
--The salad had come to room temperature but hadn't wilted, again this is fine and was expected.

I'm suspecting the Mr Bento lid may just be the culprit...?
WebMisstress 10 years ago
I had the same issue. I was so upset I put my Mr Bento away for a couple of months. Thankfully i have revived him now and the scret to the wobbling is taking 2inches of twine around half of the edge where the lid sits and glued it in. It makes the lid stick more firmly. You can repeat it on both sides. As for the other lids, don't worry, from all the other Mr Bento's Ive come across someone or another always has some problem. Make sure you use it and enjoy it. Oh and I didn't know they did a black version! I am jealous! WM
KJF916 10 years ago
Hm... not sure about the "someone or another always has some problem" simply because I have two versions of Mr. Bento ... one vintage from the 1970s and one less than 5 years old. Neither had any play at all, and still do not have any play at all. They are tight and maintain the temp very well, albeit the cold is maintained more easily than the hot. The food will always be very warm, but never piping hot.
WebMisstress 10 years ago
Im glad to hear that your Mr Bento's are AOK. This means that somewhere we may have a manufacturing fault. I will contact Zojirushi since this is something that is of concern if you're stating that all is well with your Mr Bento's. My colleagues at work and I discussed this before, someone either has a soup container that is always leaking or the main rice dish is too loose. My moms one is 8+ years old and she said that the lid has always been slightly loose. WM
snappiness 10 years ago
I have a related question about my new 2-container Ms Bento. The lid for the top container just presses in, there is a gasket that is supposed to make it seal. It's tough to get a good seal, it only slides in a very little way and easily pops off if the food is too tall. It sseems like the lid should press the food down and seal instead of popping off. It's kind of annoying, is this standard?
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