tribskitchen 11:26pm, 1 April 2008
I've noticed a few bento lunches are made with bocca burgers and such, and I was wondering how many vegan or vegetarian members we have here?

I'm vegan, myself. Looking forward to posting my own lunches soon. I'm waiting on my Ms Bento and my partners Mr Bento to arrive in the post!
mossyliquor 10 years ago
I'm a vegetarian :)
nadja.robot PRO 10 years ago
I'm a veggie too, at least I am right now.
Lisa Q 10 years ago
I am vegetarian, though my diet is vegan most of the time.
oendr 10 years ago
I'm vegetarian, but like Lisa Q most of my meals are vegan. Bento's are super easy to make veggie and I highly recommend that everyone give it a try at lease some of the time!
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