//\\nnie 6:26am, 10 March 2008
I am having 2nd thoughts about mr. bento. Mostly because it's so much work to wash everything after you're done eating and that it is hard to fit some food in the circular tupperware. I think the only good thing is that it has a soup container that does not leak.

Almost wish I had just buy the regular rectangular lunch boxes...:(
aback account [deleted] 10 years ago
I don't regret buying mr. bento exactly, but I wish I had purchased the ms. bento instead (which I will be doing shortly).
autumn_bliss 10 years ago
I just ordered the mini bento (for dietary needs) from eBay and after reading a few reviews on amazon I freaked out because most of the reviews stated it was too small for adults.

Or maybe too small for the average american? Us brazilians tend to eat a lot less junk food/great amounts of food than americans yet I'm concerned about this mini bento being too small. And I am starting to regret buying it.

Should I be REALLY worried?
KJF916 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by KJF916 (member) 10 years ago
No, I wouldn't be worried, Autumn. And many of us Americans like the smaller size for portion control. We don't all load up on McDonald's and crap (blechhhh). Most people (Brazilians and Americans alike) tend to eat with their eyes -- it's easy to overeat when there are still visual cues (food remaining on the plate because the portion was 2-3x the normal amount required).

I do think portion control in American restaurants is a huge problem, so with with these bentos, you DO get adequate food and the visual cues (or lack thereof -- when the food is gone) signal satiety and fullness. If anything, I'm sometimes sorry when I pack the entire Mr. Bento. I use it for Breakfast, Lunch, snack, sometimes even Dinner, but even on those long days, I don't eat it all.
butterfliesinstead 10 years ago
Mine was a gift, so I don't have buyer's remorse, but I do not take all of my lunches in Mr. Bento. If I want to bring soup, there is no doubt that the Mr. Bento is the best way. Depends where I am going, too.
Irini G 10 years ago
The only thing I don't like is that the metal case is so heavy and I don't really need it insulated since I just take it to work and put it in the fridge. Kinda makes me want to buy the tupperware version I have seen around...
KJF916 10 years ago
Greek, I don't use the metal case every time. I find that an insulated case for wine bottles works, a tupperware case works, they all work. If I don't need very hot or very cold, I often the metal container at home.
Irini G 10 years ago
KJF- A long time ago I made an alternate bag but it was just ok; I didn't make it quite big enough. I went back to the metal container for a while after that. I recently bought a new lunch bag by Built NY and it is great. It holds all the containers plus my water bottle and coffee cup. I am definitely going to stick it out with Mr. Bento because I think it's a great format and a lot of fun.
sharkycharming 10 years ago
I have been using the same Mr. Bento for 3 years and I have had no problems with it. I wash it in my dishwasher whenever necessary for messier food, but since I take crackers or nuts in at least one compartment, I usually just wipe that out each day and only wash it on the weekend. My boyfriend has the tupperware version (also with 4 compartments) and it's okay. Definitely durable, but not insulated. Not quite as easy, but still more convenient than taking Gladware in a plastic bag or something.
stinky_harriet PRO 10 years ago
I really like my Mr. Bento and even though I use my Laptop Lunchbox more often, I don't regret buying Mr. Bento. I use whatever box works best for the food I want to pack that day.

I wash it out at work each day after I eat so I never bring it home dirty and forget about it for two weeks.
unchienne 10 years ago
I did at first because I was use to the other bento boxes and Mr. Bento was way too big. I found it a struggle to fill him up each day and always ended up wasting food. Thanks to this site I've found other ways to fill his containers up: tea bags, condiments, napkins, etc...so it's not too much of a hassle now. The main attraction for me was the soup bowl. I love bringing soups as part of an Asian meal, and Mr. Bento is perfect for that.

At first the sandwich thing got on my nerves too...but I've found that English muffins work well. Other than that, the only twinge I feel now and then is when I see his current price on Amazon (a measly 30-something compared to the full 65 I paid), but the twinge passes everytime I sit down at lunch and "magically" pull forth an endless stream of containers and surround myself in gleaming grey, black, and silver dinnerware. So chic.
1987porsche944 10 years ago
I love my Mr Bento and I definitely don't regret getting it. As a matter of fact, other people I know have bought them after seeing mine, and are enjoying them too!!!

The "almost regret" when I first got it was "this is too small!" But I find that it definitely holds enough to keep me satisfied all day. I work all day and go to school all night, so I had been spending a lot of money on bad food (greasy pizza and burgers from the cafeteria). Mr Bento helps me to eat a lot healthier!

I agree that it is a pain to wash out at night, especially when I have been out running around for 16 hours (I'm never even HOME for 8 hours much less getting anywhere NEAR the requisite 8 hours of sleep) so I groan every time I have to scrub Mr Bento! But I think of the money I'm saving and the health benefits, and that makes it worthwhile.

I agree with some of the other comments here about portion control. I think I'm eating less, but with better quality food, I am still satisfied. =)
Manzabar 10 years ago
Just got my Mr. Bento this week and am finding my lunches are much bigger than I am accustomed to (e.g. used to eat just a can of soup for lunch). But while the meal is bigger, there's more variety and it's much healthier as my salt intake has gone way down.

So far I like using the Mr. Bento but I have to say the soup container is driving me nuts. I find I either have to screw the top on so tight it's about impossible to open. Or I get it on snug and then my soup will work its way into the threads of the cap, so I get soup all over my hands when I open it.
KJF916 10 years ago
Greek -- the wine tote I have is by BuiltNY -- exactly! That's the one I use the most, now. I love it. It stacks all sorts of bento containers in there and is more comfortable to carry.
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