my jessabelle 1:28am, 9 February 2008
I see a lot of people with small dressing containers inside the bento containers.....where do you get such things?
* Melanie * 10 years ago
I purchase mine off of ebay - there are some really reasonably priced sellers out there. You can also get them from various Asian Markets, but I don't have one in town that carries bento accessories.
kusine 10 years ago
I get mine at the Container Store. Mine are boring, but they work!
economic mitten [deleted] 10 years ago
I got mine in a swap
Pixiefarts 10 years ago
i use plastic film containers for my dressings and dips!
heavymetallibrarian 10 years ago
I bought mine from another Flickr user, who sells wonderful stuff... love the fruit and veggie sauce bottles!
Great Stone Face PRO 10 years ago
I have a shotglass-size and shaped Tupperware container with a lid. Too big to go inside for the trip to work, so I wrap it in plastic wrap and hold it in place inside the top of the Mr. Bento bag. Coming home, there's room in the big container to carry it sideways.
Kate Chan PRO 10 years ago
I found a bunch at Daiso. Super cheap - and a wide variety were available. ;)
tribskitchen 10 years ago
I got some cute shaped ones off ebay and, but I also have some plain ones I bought from the storage container section of the supermarket.
alienmeatsack PRO 10 years ago
So where do you put your extra containers? Do you just sacrifice one bowl to have dressings? Or do prefer to put the dressing container in with the veggies or similar it's going to be eaten with?
elaynam 10 years ago
I put my extra containers on top of the Mr. Bento (but inside the carrying bag) or in one of the pockets if they won't fit inside of the containers.
economic mitten [deleted] 10 years ago
It depends on what I'm packing that day. If there isn't much, I'll sacrifice the smallest bowl for dressing/sauce container and little snacks. If I'm packing full then I just put it in my lunchbox. I never used my Mr Bento bag because I needed more room for drinks than the bag would afford so I used a regular lunch 'box' (soft-sided)
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