//\\nnie 8:21am, 3 February 2008
I'm so excited but I need recommendations! What are some must-have items for packing a delicious and cute lunch? Share your thoughts!
elaynam 10 years ago
Welcome to the wonderful world of Mr. Bento! Honestly I get (steal?) my best ideas from looking at photos in this pool!

I will say though, that when I first got Mr. Bento I would literally pack a 4 course lunch every day until I realized that I could break it up and bring lunch AND snacks (or breakfast or whatever). I'm kind of slow on the uptake though ;)

I always have fruit in my Mr. Bento and something else to snack on--crackers, wasabi peas, sesame cookies, stuff that I can have with my tea in the afternoon.
my jessabelle 10 years ago
i ordered two today too....one for me and one for my daughter (who ALWAYS complains about school lunches!!) I ordered them express shipping because i didn't want to wait until next week to get them!!!! i'm excited to start using them.....
ButtonsAmy 9 years ago
I just ordered one too, and after looking at the pictures here (the ones I liked best and plan to use I saved on my computer) I have some excellent ideas!

I am a vegetarian, so a lot of the "bean burger" or "veggie patty" ideas really appeal to me.

At my job, we do have a microwave, but it is difficult to leave my desk for more than 2 minutes or so. My boss goes crazy: WHO IS WATCHING THE PHONE!?!?!

So I thought having a Mr. Bento would be helpful for me with a)eating healthier and b)getting hot lunches every day.

I think its great! I love this site, and it was really inspiring for me.

I bring cereal for breakfast in a plastic bag that I reuse, so I plan on bringing lunches and snacks.
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