Bhakti Henna 12:18pm, 23 October 2007

Has anyone travelled with their Mr. Bento? I packed an amazing lunch, complete with soup, and then my hubby reminded me that TSA would probably not allow the liquids, so I replaced that with a PB&J.

Somehow I'm still worried though that they'll freak over the steel-lined container or something.

I have such a careful diet that I just can't eat airport food...

Anyone try their Mr. Bento on plane?

heavymetallibrarian 11 years ago
Never tried it, but I'm interested to hear what you learn! I agree with your husband that liquids would definitely be a problem, but I imagine that anything else should be fine.
indiebass 11 years ago
IANAL: (Or TSA agent for that matter) but my understanding is that you'd be screwed with the liquids, but if you kept only foods in Mr. Bento that they'd be OK with it. This is the only thing I've found on the subject.

I've never taken Mr. Bento on a plane, but if you do I know we'd like to hear how it works out (sorry if that makes you sound like a guinea pig!) =)
KJF916 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by KJF916 (member) 11 years ago
I recall that Flickr user and bento box packer Biggie* recently packed bento lunches for her in-laws to take on a plane. She didn't use a Mr. Bento, but she packed a really nice spread for both of them in disposable bento boxes. Head over to her profile or her blog (Lunch in a Box) and take a look at these Travel Bentos. Doesn't answer your question directly, but she was able to get several nice lunches onto the plane.
J. Kernion PRO 11 years ago
I took a plane trip to New Orleans a few weeks ago and decided to pack a snack bento, because I don't like airline food. Mr. Bento seemed like it would be large and awkward to carry on the plane, especially for just one person, although I don't think you'd have trouble at security with the container itself.

I packed a smaller single-tier bento box with non-liquids like cheese, frozen grapes, crackers, and sliced apples. The problem is that you can't bring an ice pack, either (since they're water or gel-based), but the frozen grapes helped keep the cheeses cold. Hoping to post photos of the snack bentos to my Flickr page soon.
jillouci PRO 11 years ago
I came here to post this very topic. My husband has to fly to Washington DC next week. I have an additional problem though: he will be at school all day before heading to the airport, so it has to be composed of food that will keep a full day without refrigeration. Any ideas for a balanced (and safe) meal?
Bhakti Henna Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Bhakti Henna (member) 11 years ago
Thanks, everyone, for all the input. So I couldn't actually check peoples' responses until just now, as I'm back from vacation. The site kiosk read "Mr. Bento Porn" and felt the site wouldn't be safe to display :).

Anyway, on the way to SF, my backpack with Mr. Bento did get beeped, and they pulled it out. I said "oh, did my lunch jar set it off" and they said "yeah". They opened it, and I am not sure if they opened the top container or not. They definitely wouldn't have opened the soup container (which had the PBJ in it). I don't know if they could tell there were no liquids in it, and that is WHY they didn't bother??

Anyway, on the way back, I carried an empty mr. bento and they didn't even examine my bag. Every airport is different, I guess.

All in all, it was WAY too cumbersome. I would rather take a disposable bento next time. But, I would definitely take a bento again- the food I ate on the way home was ridiculously bad for me. I have been eating sooo healthy ever since I started packing mr. bento, that the bad food was a shock to my system :).
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