Patrick49 12:43am, 22 October 2007
Hey people out there in Mr. Bento Porn land! My girlfriend likes my bento so much she is thinking about getting one. Her only problem is she thinks it holds too much food. Is there a smaller (maybe more stylish ;)) version our the standard 1 litre Zojirushi food jar?
ex.libris PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by .ams (member) 11 years ago
There's always Mrs. Bento.
You know, I can't eat very much at once and the regular Mr. Bento is fine for me. It all depends on how you pack it.
Bhakti Henna 11 years ago
I saw something somewhere about how some people use the 4th jar for hot towels. That would be a fun luxury at work!

Fit N Fresh also has a cute thing with only two tiers but I heard the ice ring has broken for many people.

I also like the Fit N Fresh lunch container, but it unfortunately doesn't keep food hot- just cold.
janetcinnc Posted 11 years ago. Edited by .ams (member) 11 years ago
The Zojirushi mini bento is really cute, a nice small size, and has a retro fabric bag.
Bhakti Henna 11 years ago
I thought of this post when I was at meijer today- they have something called Bubba Grub- has a thermal section for hot stuff, and a cold section too.
ex.libris PRO 11 years ago
Janetcinnc, that mini-bento is cute! Too small for me, probably, but very cute.
janetcinnc 11 years ago
ex.libris, it's adorable, isn't it? I got it for my daughter. It's a little bit bigger than the Ms. Bento, because it has 2 side bowls instead of one with a half-moon divider. Only the "rice bowl" is insulated. The other two sit beside the little thermos portion of the kit in the bag. Anything in the side bowls would have to be okay at room temp, because the bag isn't insulated at all. Also, the bag is just big enough for the three bowls - no room for anything else in that mini bag. Even the chopsticks holder is on the outside of the bag.
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