aschaneneh 11:46am, 5 October 2007
I am a new proud owner of a thermos bento lunch box. Not the Mr Bento, but the Thermos Nissan lunch jar, which is quite equivalent. Since I live in Europe it was easier for me to get this one than the Zojirushi thing.
I got it without an instruction leaflet. Now I am afraid to spoil it right in the beginning: Can I put it into the dishwasher? And what about the lids? They are not microwaveable, but will it be ok to put them into the dishwasher?
Thanks for any suggestions.
Bhakti Henna 11 years ago
Based on my experience with tupperware, I am thinking this would be a very bad idea- cause the plastic to bend out of shape, or the lids to not fit correctly. I thought about doing it myself, and then decided against it.
kusine 11 years ago
The bowls - but not the lids - of my Mr. Bento go into the dishwasher at least three times a week with no problems. The lids fit perfectly and the bowls get nice and clean.
Bhakti Henna 11 years ago
I just tried my containers in the dishwasher and, although it was probably not a smart idea, I put the lids in too (top rack only!!!). Everything was find and the lids are still good for sealing the container- even the soup lid!
spicy brains 11 years ago
I put mine in the dishwasher all the time, but I wash the soup container's lid by hand because O-rings really don't like heat that much. I haven't noticed any warping, and I've been using my Bento 2-5x/wk for nearly a year.
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