KJF916 3:43pm, 20 September 2007
Very strange ... but much appreciated. I'm now a "Pro" user and I've never had anything but the cheapie free account. I noticed recently I could make extra sets and such, and now it says Pro User.

I know you can "gift" this to people, but I'd think someone would have told me if it had occurred that way. Did anyone else get promoted as well?
amanky 11 years ago
I wonder if it was from being a yahoo photos user?

there was a time when moving stuff over from yahoo =d a pro bump for a bit!
stinky_harriet PRO 11 years ago
That is weird. You'd think that flickr would at least send you an e-mail saying someone gifted you. I paid for a Pro account when I uploaded picture # 200 or so and got the message saying that only the 200 most recent pictures wopuld be visible, and I thought why not? With my stunning photography skills and brilliant subject matter, I want all of my pics visible.
KJF916 11 years ago
A -- I wasn't a Yahoo user, so ?

L -- you'd think. And you're right. If you pay, they should all be there.
amanky 11 years ago
@Kate: you should be able to check your profile info to know when and where said account came from... in your history

August 13, 2007 You bought yourself a 1 year Pro Account $24.95
March 27, 2007 You bought a 1 year Pro Account for *Mac* $24.95
July 31, 2006 1 month of Pro Account status fell from the sky on to You (a gift from Flickr to say thanks!) $0.00
July 13, 2006 You bought yourself a 1 year Pro Account $24.95
July 6, 2005 aharbick gave You a free 1 year Pro Account.
KJF916 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by KJF916 (member) 11 years ago
Yep, checked that before I even posted. Nada! Mystery solved, however. "SBC Yahoo DSL customers, enjoy a complimentary Flickr PRO account as long as you keep your SBC Yahoo Service."

I've got SBC Yahoo DSL, so there you go! Thanks!
amanky 11 years ago
what's sbc yahoo?
KJF916 11 years ago
SBC used to be Pacific Bell and is now something like the Southern Bell Company -- or whatever the phone company is calling itself this decade. I've lost track. Yahoo is well... Yahoo. So it's my phone company and online service provider rolled into one. They don't tell us we get a free Flickr pro account ... I guess they caught up to me and converted me to save me from my ignorance.
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