Top insulation?

mishifk 6:11pm, 11 September 2007
New Mr. Bento owner here...

I tried out my first Mr. Bento meal and chose all cold items. I put everything in the fridge last night and pre-cooled the main container this morning before assembling. It worked out pretty well, but the top container got a little too close to room temp.

I was thinking of trying to put something on the very top (above the small side container lid) to help seal the cold in a little better.

Any ideas?

stinky_harriet PRO 11 years ago
There's room in the bag for something to sit on top of Mr. Bento, so maybe a round ice pack, just sitting on top of the plastic lid of the whole outer container? There's not a whole lot of room to put anything under the outer container lid and still have all 4 inner containers inside.
mishifk 11 years ago
I tried wrapping the top containers with a microfiber cloth. That seemed to help insulate it a bit more.
lesliedgordon 11 years ago
We bought an ice sheet from Target and cut the packets apart. They are small enough to fit inside. Here's the link: It was about $2.50.
dramatic harmony [deleted] 11 years ago
a frozen fruit cup should fit
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