Kate Chan PRO 4:40am, 27 August 2007
Is it possible to keep a couple containers cold and one hot?

Like - soup bowl hot and the others cold?

Or am I dreaming?

amanky 11 years ago
I'd say not so possible... you may be able to create a barrier between the two, but really notihgn will end up hot, or cold... more closer to the middle between the two...
avid_sailor 11 years ago
I like to take a small salad, but with a bowl of hot soup or rice in the bottom containers, the salad would wilt. I fashioned a double layer disk of foil as a barrier and it worked just fine for me. The salad was still crunchy and cool for lunch at noon. The soup and rice were adequately warm.
Kate Chan PRO 11 years ago
Where did you place the barrier? Just below the salad cup or just above the soup? Did you use cardboard too or just foil?

Thanks for the tip!
mishifk 11 years ago
I just tried the foil trick with my lunch.

I put a double layer of foil between the rice container and the large side container. I had hot hot soup in the soup container and reusable ice cubes in the top.

Worked well. :)
Sandy Wambold PRO 9 years ago
The trick is unnecessary. The top of the rice container is insulated.

If you want to prevent heat travel, don't use foil, it's a conductor. Cardboard, which is paper trapping air, is a better choice.
noiseless request [deleted] 9 years ago
Could you flip the main container over, thus putting the vacuum seal between the hot soup and the main container.

Also, I just got mine yesterday and microwaved the soup bowl and main bowl (with lids on loosely) will I destroy it if I keep doing this?
mareofearth 9 years ago
Has anyone tried packing hot items in the soup and rice containers, and packing the cold items in the top containers with a small ice pack, or a large ice pack in the bag with Mr. Bento?

Or, alternately, pack the hot items in the bottom, the cold items in the top, and storing your Mr. Bento in a fridge until lunch?

Hmm.... This idea is bothering me now......
flit 9 years ago
I haven't tried anything this creative, but simply made sure anything that went into the top two containers could go down to room temperature.

Now I want to experiment with freezing stuff and putting it on top.
Firefoxx65 9 years ago
I wouldn't nuke the lids, the Soup Bowl has gaskets in it and the main one has insulation in it. I just use paper towels.
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