Kate Chan PRO 3:20am, 25 August 2007
Anyone shop here for Bento goodies? (Egg molds, bento boxes, etc?)

What did you find?
Irini G 11 years ago
They have some bento boxes but not a lot and they are a little pricey. I have not found a lot of goodies for bentos from there. They do carry the little sauce containers and little forks but that is pretty much it. I did buy my Mr. Bento from there and I like buying food from there as well.

Have you been to Daiso in Westlake? It is a Japanese imports store and many things there are $1.50 and they carry a good range of bento items. Sometimes they run out but if you get there on the right day you can really stock up on some cute stuff. I've bought a ton of stuff from there recently and it is inspiring me to get back into making my lunch.
RussTheAerialist PRO 11 years ago
There is a Daiso in Westlake now?!

No more driving to Lynnwood!
Irini G 11 years ago
Yes! It's on the bottom floor. Such awesomeness to be had :)
Kate Chan PRO 11 years ago
Where is Westlake? (Sorry)
Do you have an address?

I am specifically looking for egg molds in the Seattle area. Know where I can find these?
Irini G 11 years ago
I have seen them at the Daiso in Westlake Mall.
Westlake Mall is downtown on Pine Street between Fourth and Fifth. They are sometimes out of them so you might want to call if you would only be going for those. I guess just look up Daiso Seattle? Otherwise it is worth a trip for bento boxes, accessories and just random fun stuff.
Irini G 11 years ago
P.S. If you go to Daiso for the egg molds I think they are shelved with their kitchen stuff, not by the bento stuff. They are helpful if you just ask at the counter about where something is.
Kate Chan PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Kate Chan (member) 11 years ago
I went to Daiso today (Puyallup). No eggs molds but lots of other goodies. Thanks for the tips. I'm off to ebay hunt for egg molds. Apparently the Daiso store in Tacoma is out of egg molds as is the one in Westlake too. =(

Ok - have another question....
Just HOW do I fill those TINY bottles with soy sauce? (I found some cute fish ones... but filling them???)

Any tips for a newbie Bento owner would be greatly appreciated. =)
Irini G 11 years ago
I pour the soy sauce in the cap of the bottle (or other small bowl/shot glass) and squeeze the tiny plastic bottle to force the air out then keep holding that way and put the mouth in the soy sauce and release so it creates a vacuum and forces the sauce into the bottle. Makes sense?
Kate Chan PRO 11 years ago
Perfect sense. Thank you! =)
Great Stone Face PRO 11 years ago
I wish Daiso opened an East Coast (DC area) store. We need a 100-yen shop around here.
Irini G 11 years ago
I hear they have plans to open a lot more stores nationwide.
Here's hoping!
GarrettBB 10 years ago
This is fantastic. I just purchased my first Mr. Bento (eagerly waiting next to the mailbox for the UPS man) and am also moving to Seattle in the Fall. I've heard legend of Uwajimaya (used to live in Japan, though, so perhaps I've seen better and never knew it?) but Daiso sounds great too. Thanks for the heads up.
Firefoxx65 10 years ago
I bought my Mr. Bento at Uwajimaya this past Friday. It looks like they stocked up on Bento stuff. They are quite a bit pricier than Daiso. They had some mark down bins with some Bento stuff too. I saw some Egg Molds too.
I look for people with Bento boxes on my walk from the Seattle Municipal tower to the Train Station in the International District but haven't seen anyone as of yet.
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