ramona.flowers PRO 2:43am, 1 August 2007
In all the pictures of the mini bento, they always show the largest container full of rice and the two smaller containers with food outside it. But I was reading a description and it sounded like you put the plastic bowls inside the steel jar just like with Mr or Ms. Which is right?

I'm also confused by picture/description disparities because the pictures always show rice in one container, savory foods in the second, and fruit in the last. Yet it says in descriptions to only pack all hot or all cold. So am I to infer that rice and the savory foods are cold? Or would the rice stay warm but the other containers remain at room temperature inside the bag? Basically, I want to buy a Mini Bento but I need to be sold on its practicality. I already have a Mr. but a smaller option seems like it would be nice, plus maybe being able to have warm rice and a mix of food to be eaten cold/warm.
.ams PRO 11 years ago
You CAN fit the plastic containers inside the rice container after you're done with your lunch, and then compress the whole thing into a smaller package. But mostly they sit side by side: rice on one side, plastic containers stacked on the other side.

I can't speak to the temp issues as I microwave my food after packing. The rice container of the mini does appear to be insulated, though. The plastic containers are not.
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