Any students?

BroccoliHut 4:40am, 17 July 2007
Hello all--I am interested in buying a Mr. Bento, but I have not yet made up my mind. I am a full-time college student (currently on break!), and I was wondering if there are any other Mr. Bento owners out there who are students. Would you recommend Mr. Bento? Do you use it? Do people look at you weird when you whip out your lunch jar? I am a very health-conscious vegetarian and often have difficulty finding good options at the campus eateries. Thanks for your input!
jillouci PRO 11 years ago
I'm a grad student and I use my Ms. Bento. My husband is in law school and he uses his Mr. Bento too. You might get the occasional odd look, but it's a great conversation starter, and the odd looks turn to looks of envy when they realize what good food you're eating.
Seymore Sinn 11 years ago
I'm a working student and Mr. Bento rules for school. 'Specialy if you go from school to work and food options are limited.
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