ficbot 6:32pm, 1 July 2007
I can find no info about this on the internet, no pics, nothing. But I know it exists because I bought one in Chinatown today and I have photo evidence:

It is a food jar type thing with three inner containers with snap together and store in the jar. It comes with a very unattractive carrying bag, some chopsticks, and an instruction manual which I believe is in Chinese and contains many urgent-looking arrows and icons and little cartoon food jars with alarmed-looking faces on them, and explanatory notes about the alarming things, written in Chinese. Maybe my landlady can read them to me. So far, all I am getting is that the thermos does not like fire, babies, or being dropped from high places.
DorothySH PRO 11 years ago
lol. Well, it sounds like an interesting Bento for sure. I hope you find out more about it, but more importantly, enjoy using it.
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