Tiger and Bentos

discojing 6:45pm, 16 May 2007
Hey all!
I have some questions
1) Tiger Replacement Jars
Are there any tupperware or other containers not made by Tiger that would fit the LWR-A072 (two containers, the smallest one!). I've just contacted TigerUS, but the prospects are looking dim.

2) Bento Bands
Does anyone know where I can buy replacement Bento Bands to keep the containers together (on traditional bentos, not lunch jars). I'm coming up empty on Jlist, ebay, and amazon.

Thanks a bunch!
Oh, and I made bentos for my little brother and sister yesterday, and they said that everyone was like "Whoa. What are you eating?!"

3) How do you all decorate small things like onigiri? What sauce do you use to make faces? I tried sesame seeds, but those are too small and don't stick in place well. I also tried soysauce, and it absorbed into the rice too quickly.
Robyn the slug 11 years ago
Little Nori cutouts?
I just eat them with furikake =)
discojing 11 years ago
Yeah, I saw that little nori cutouts work the best. I guess I need to get little hole punches from the craft store and get better nori that can slide into the punches. My little brother and sister like the kind thats handmade in the store, but it's so HARD to work with! I can barely break it in half to make the onigiri strips, and its too small to make sushi with.
Seems like I'll have to get "cooking nori" and "snack nori"!
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