elliott e PRO 6:40pm, 25 April 2007
Looking at the Mr. Bento vs classic and am seeking any input, please. What's wrong? What's good? Any suggestions, advice, input?

I am also wondering if either comes with the dividers I am seeing in the photos (nice lunches, everyone!) or if I may get them someplace specific; am I maybe looking for them on amazon under the wrong name ...?


janetcinnc 11 years ago
We own both the Mr. Bento and the Classic. I'll try to compare and contrast them. Mr. Bento has 4 containers (soup, rice, 2 sides) & Classic has 3 (soup, rice, 1 side). The capacity of the Classic soup is greater than Mr. B soup, Classic rice is greater than Mr. B rice, and Classic side is greater than Mr. B's biggest side container. Mr. Bento allows you to have more variety, but the Classic allows slightly bigger servings of soup and rice.

The Mr. Bento comes with a carry bag; the Classic does not. The Mr. Bento bag has some extra room, so you can easily add a piece of fruit, or a can or bottle of beverage, some napkins, a spoon & fork. The Classic doesn't have any way to carry any of those things unless you add a bag of some kind to the Classic. Both the Mr. B bag and the Classic have a shoulder strap that make them easy to carry.

Both the Mr. Bento and the Classic come with chopsticks contained in a nice little box. The Classic has little "clips" (for lack of a better word) that holds the chopsticks box attached to the outside of the vacuum bottle. The Mr. B has the chopsticks box inside the carry bag. Either arrangement is fine if you intend to drink your soup & use chopsticks to eat everything. If you need a spoon or a fork, there's no way to add them to the Classic, but you can just throw them in the bag with Mr. B.

Neither Classic nor Mr. B come with the little dividers you've been seeing in the lunch pictures. I've never been able to find any of those on amazon at all. I think you can find them on ebay or at some local Asian stores in some areas. I've never found any of the really cute dividers in my area, but you can use cupcake cups (paper, foil, or silicone) to separate things inisde your Zojirushi containers.
stinky_harriet PRO 11 years ago
If you get the "American" version of Mr. Bento (I got mine from Amazon) it comes with a metal spork, not chopsticks.

I think the Ms. Bento comes with a divider for one bowl, but mot Mr or Classic.
amanky 11 years ago
the Classic has the small benefit of bigger containers... but Mr.B can fit so much... other than salad I've never found myself at a lack when it comes to the eating! (both the US/supposedly sporked and the asian/chopsticks versions are available... interchangeably, I've found vendors don't do the distinguishing very well!)
I've never used a Ms. but I do like the divider it has... but I'm such a stickler for my 4 major compartments I'm hard pressed to switch away from my love of the Mr. (although the pretty blue & lavendar are lovely!)
sobodda PRO 11 years ago
Last time I went to the Zojirushi site I noticed Ms. Bento is going to come in a more gender-neutral color...

I got mine off ebay and it was supposed to be lavender, but I think it's actually blue. Kind of hard to tell.
Ennnis Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Ennnis (member) 11 years ago
It's the decision between 3 or 4 compartments that has me stymied. Currently I use 1 24 oz tupperware container which has to be nuked, and it's not enough for me. However, I just can't envision how I would eat if I had a lunch jar, especially since many of the wonderful images here are from people who eat ... very differently from the way I do.

Amanky - what do you do with 4 compartments?
amanky 11 years ago
i usually pack 1 veggie, 1 fruit/dessert, 1 protein, 1 grain... at least that's my intent! (you can check my stream for Mr.B shots, and LLB shots [a different system, but still 4 compartments] for many examples!)
djpiebob 11 years ago
how do you eat, ennnis, that is so different?
mlouise007 11 years ago
I also think only the Ms. has the divider. The Ms. color and bag has been changed as sobodda mentioned. Personally I like the colors and bag of the old Ms. better. It came in both blue and lavender. Maybe Amazon sent you the wrong one, sobodda, if you wanted lavender and got blue. (There are also the two Mini Bentos, which both have one vacuum insulated main bowl, two side bowls. They seem too bulky to me.)
lambrettagirl 11 years ago
i'm trying to decide between buying a mr. bento, ms. bento, or mini-bento. does the ms. & mini hold soup? are they enough food? i'm a girl who likes to eat ....i don't want to be hungry still after eating lunch.
amanky Posted 11 years ago. Edited by amanky (admin) 11 years ago
lambrettagirl I looked, and looked, and even debated... researched muchly... and hearing what you are saying... I'd go for the Mister!

it gives plenty of room (if you learn how to pack well), allows for best variety, and has a sufficient soup bowl... for a serving!

getcha a Mister!
kusine 11 years ago
I'm a vegetarian and I pack differently from many people in this group. I have a Mister. I fill two sections pretty hearty (protein & fiber), and the other two usually pure veggies or fruit, and I'm almost always full after lunch.

Caveat: lunch is my biggest meal of the day. I eat a lot at lunch - a lot.

But I think you'll prefer the Mister. After all, you can always pack less, or a snack in a few of the containers if you're packing a heavy lunch.

Good luck!
lambrettagirl 11 years ago
thanks for the advice. i looked on the zojirushi site and there are some vendors here in la. i'll check out the models they offer!
sobodda PRO 11 years ago
The Ms. Bento does hold soup in the top container (bigger than the Mr. Bento soup container). I've also put more solid stews in the bottom.
lambrettagirl 11 years ago
i ended buying a ms. bento! :D
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