bigmouthniseema 4:52pm, 29 March 2007
Hi. I am a new bento-owner and I'm having a bit of trouble finding supplies. I have Googled the topic, of course, but was wondering where you get your mini shape cutters, dividers, picks, etc.

Any information would be very helpful.

amanky 11 years ago
eBay, cooking stores, amazon... etc.
bigmouthniseema 11 years ago
I've been looking on eBay and have found a couple of things. Just wondering if anyone had any particular sellers or online shops that had a good selection.

Thanks! :)
Oℓivia 11 years ago
Pearl River Market has some great supplies--and they're usually a good company to do business with. The only problem I've encountered was an out-of-stock item, but they called me and let me know!
.ams PRO 11 years ago
amanky 11 years ago
search flickr for ebay and bento, and you may find discussions (in comments of pix) that point to certain sellers...
xaotica 11 years ago
haven't bought anything yet, but bentos and beyond on ebay has cool stuff
Great Stone Face PRO 11 years ago
Through July 4, 2007, here's a sale at the William-Sonoma factory oulet store in Leesburg, Virginia. I got a 3-pack of the ice cream molds (for onigiri) for only $4.99 this past Saturday (June 23, 2007). Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets, 241 Fort Evans Rd, NE, Leesburg, VA 20176. Phone: 703-443-9259. If you have a W-S outlet store near you, they also may have the special going on. No relationship between them and me -- just took my wife out there and spotted the molds.
Biggie* 11 years ago
Check the bentolunch online shopping guide, compiled by readers of the active Bentolunch community on LiveJournal with feedback on sellers; minimal self-promotion

They also put together a geographic shopping guide with local store info from all over the world. If you know a local store that should be added, just comment on that entry with the info. Help support the lunch-packing community by sharing your knowledge.
time4deener 11 years ago
Where I live (Bellingham, WA), we just got a new store called Daiso at the mall. It's amazing! It's a japanese import store where almost everythng is $1.50. They have pretty much every bento accessory you could want. In fact, I was about to order some stuff off of Ebay (star-shaped veggie cutters, dressing and mayo containers, etc), and found the exact same stuff at this store for a fraction of the price. I think they only have a few stores in the states so far:
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