mlouise007 1:31am, 21 March 2007
If you include Santa Cruz and Sacramento there were 9 folks who posted in "Locations" topic close enough to do a bento picnic in Japantown sometime. Would that interest folks? Maybe in the summer (aka "winter" in SF, LOL).
Biggie* 11 years ago
Sure, why not?
ysetiawa Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ysetiawa (member) 11 years ago
awwww.. i wish there were some bento folks out here in Vancouver. i'm so jealous guys :(
KJF916 11 years ago
Sure! I missed the Feb hook-up so I'd like another chance this summer. Others can have a picnic up their way, and we can all post sets. Bentos Without Borders!
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