neilbruder PRO 7:15pm, 19 March 2007

I want to pick up a Mr. Bento lunch box but sadly I live in the UK where it is proving a little difficult to track down. I actually own one of the Tiger lunch boxes but it's in storage in Vancouver where I used to live. won't ship here and ebay is coming up dry. Surely I can find one of these in London somewhere. Anyone here have any ideas?

amanky 11 years ago
ebay is laden with them...
search for zojirushi!
Look at my photos 11 years ago
Unfortunately most Mr. Bento sellers on ebay don't ship outside the USA. If you're happy with a Classic Bento or a smaller Zojirushi Bento, you could try to order one of those from a Japanese ebay seller, who does ship to the UK.
neilbruder PRO 11 years ago
Well the annoying thing is that more money is spent per head in the UK on ebay than anywhere else but still I come up with nothing. If I still lived in Vancouver I could go to chinatown or Richmond and get one easily. Hmm.. there must be somewhere in London that sells them.
DorothySH PRO 11 years ago
neilbruder PRO 11 years ago
The shipping is almost the same price as the item itself! Although the exchange rate is really good right now..
neilbruder PRO 11 years ago
Rather than start a new thread, I'll just add here that this group is amazing! Once I get my lunch jar I've got an amazing archive of 2000+ ideas of what to put in it!
melmcwey 11 years ago
Yeah, i had the same problem, living in Spain. What i ended up doing was buy it in Amazon and had a friend who lived in LA ship it over to Madrid.
lunchbox.lover 11 years ago
I know it's not a Mr. Bento BUT if you're in the UK this may be good!11614 I haven't got one but am thinking of it due to difficulty in getting actual Mr. Bento shipped to the UK
Great Stone Face PRO 11 years ago
How about this item on Or this one?
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