Re-heating trick

jeffjl 3:42am, 16 March 2007
Only recently have I started taking stuff to work on a regular basis.

If you are, like me, someone who only has time to cook the night before, then the thermal action of Mr. Bento serves to keep your food cold, not piping hot during the day. This requires usage of the microwave to re-heat your food.

One of my pet peeves of using microwaved food is that even the best ovens reheat the food unevenly -- burning hot spots in the center, lukewarm elsewhere.

However, if you microwave all your bowls, then place them back into the Mr. Bento, and wait like 10-20 mins, the heat dissipates even across all the food, giving you evenly heated food. I discovered this after getting called into a meeting right as i was about to eat lunch. I came back, and was like "hey, this is way better."
amanky 11 years ago
nice idea....
mary808 PRO 11 years ago
This is a good idea - would have helped me today. I'm freaked out about over-microwaving. I have to make my lunch the night before also, so I just keep the bowls in the fridge and heat them up at lunch time.
Great Stone Face PRO 11 years ago
Make sure the lock-on lid of the bottom container is not refrigerator cold when you place it back on the hot microwaved bowl. I've done this a couple of times. With the expansion and contraction action, by the time I got back to my desk from the lunchroom microwave, I could have used Arnold Schwarzenegger to pry them back apart.
plantsareneat PRO 11 years ago
Hey, GreatStoneFace - it sounds like you're talking about the soup bowl - when that happens, I just poke at the little nub in the middle that is attached to the rubber bit inside the bowl, and it breaks the vacuum. If you're talking about the rice bowl, I find that putting some hot water in the steel jar while micro-ing heats up lids and keeps everything evenly warm after reheating - I tend to eat them one at a time.

hope that helps!
Great Stone Face PRO 11 years ago
I was talking about the rice bowl. Thanks for the tip!
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