letterknit PRO 9:44pm, 7 March 2007
What are the differences in rice if you rinse it before cooking or not rinse it?

Do you really have to soak your rice for hours or overnight with those Zojirushi Micom cookers? On cooking.com it says you do.

I can never make a good pot of rice on the stovetop and am considering a rice cooker. I already read Morgan's novel on rice cookers, thank you for that. :)
djpiebob 11 years ago
i have a zojirushi fuzzy logic rice cooker and i've never rinsed the rice. i usually choose the 'regular' category unless i'm cooking plain long-grained white rice (in which case i will use the 'fast' setting), and i've never had any trouble with the results.
stinky_harriet PRO 11 years ago
I only rinse sticky/sushi rice. Rinsing it gets rid of a lot of the starch, which makes it sticky after it's good. Everything else I just dump in the pot, or I might give it a quick rinse in a strainer, under the tap.

I bought a rice cooker last year. It's way too big for what I need and every type of rice, no matter what I do, ends up sticking to the bottom which means I lose a good chunk of it. I'm gonna Freecycle the stupid thing.
yummy noodle 11 years ago
i think you are only supposed to soak whole grains overnight...you will actually see the bubble rising in the water while they soak awhile. the rationale behind it: whole grains contain phytic acid thats an enzyme inhibitor that prevents you to digest your grains readily...by soaking the grains the acid is released so then you can digest your grains better...do not reuse the soaked water to cook the rice. you will see brown rice cooks softer and tastes better after being soaked.
white rice is okay because all the germ, hull and bran have been stripped.
hope this helps
kusine 11 years ago
I exclusively cook brown rice in my Zojirushi rice cooker and while I rinse it, because it's no problem to do so, I certainly don't soak it. My rice always turns out just fine.

I wouldn't worry about having to soak it overnight at all. If the instructions say that, I'd buy a different one. :)
keri_dvm PRO 11 years ago
I sometimes rinse rice and sometimes don't ... I think it comes out better when I rinse it, but I don't know if it's really necessary.

I don't know if they all do, but my Zojirushi rice cooker has a built-in soaking time (10 or 20 minutes I think) that adds to the cooking time automatically, unless it's set to the quick cook cycle. The only time I have soaked rice overnight is when I set it up the night before and set the timer to have the rice ready when I get up in the morning... I don't notice a difference with the longer soaking time.
ysetiawa 11 years ago
I always rinse my rice, either it's jasmine or kokuho, or calrose. It's just a habit from home, not sure if really necessary. But I just don't feel right if I don't rinse it.
nicoteena 11 years ago
From what I understand, rinsing rice doesn't affect how it cooks, but rather washes off some stuff you're not supposed to eat. I always thought it was just something my mom did since she grew up in the Philippines and they harvested their own rice. But I was watching Good Eats and AB said to wash the rice in cold water to remove the powder starch residue otherwise it will become gummy.
Look at my photos 11 years ago
Usually I do rinse the sushi rice thouroughly, as I find it quite calming to do. Other types of rice I rinse more quick. I don't soak my rice and certainly not overnight.

I would recommend you to buy a rice cooker either way. Once you got one, play with it and see for yourself what suits you best.
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Hail to the Alton Brown!!
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I used to have Chinese employers -- three attorneys (brother and sisters), who had an ancient grandmother come in to cook for them every day at lunch. She washed, but didn't soak, the rice. She said the powdery coating was to be washed off "unless you were a lowly peasant." She was great.
nadja.robot PRO 11 years ago
A month or so ago I came across a food blog written by a Japanese woman. She has some tips on cooking rice- and she does favor washing it.

Here are the cooking tips-
And here is some general info on different types of rice-
letterknit PRO 11 years ago
Wow, thanks for all your great tips!
NoriRapHowlee 11 years ago
novel boy here... :-)

rice doesn't need to be soaked overnight when using any of the Zojirushi rice cookers. What is cool about the Micom cookers (and any higher models too) is that you can put the rice and water in the unit, set it on timer mode for up to 13 hours, and then the unit will start cooking at the set time - and will adjust cooking temperarture and cycle times due to the rice soaking in water for the number of hours used. It knows that it needs to increase or decrease time due to this fact (and the type of rice selected on the menu settings) and you get perfect rice every time.

on washing rice - there's no actual need to wash rice as it no longer ships with talc or other yucky stuff. the grains do rub against each other during shipping and create a rice powder that some like to rince off. choosing not to rinse can sometimes result in what looks like burnt rice at the bottom of the pan. This is just the browned excess starch. Some like it, some don't.

Washing rice is more of a ritual nowdays. I rinse mine 3 times or until i can see the measurement numbers on the pan through the 1 inch (or so) of water. Strictly a ritual that relaxes me at this point. Results don't vary if I choose not to rince - with the rice that I use currently. Higher priced short grain rice will give more consistent results when not washing. But all types will be yummy if you use a Zojirushi. If you have a bum unit, there's a 1 year warranty so hit up the place where you bought it or call ZO cust serv at 8007336270 for how to get things set right.

take care and happy rice cooking!

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