resonant twig [deleted] 11:34pm, 21 February 2007
I just got a Mr. Bento today and happened upon this fabulous group.

I have a question: in the instructions it says that I can't put dairy products in the jars, especially if I have hot food in the soup bowl. (Spoilage) But I see a lot of pictures in here with a combo of hot food and dairy. Has the dairy ever spoiled on you? Should I store the soup cold then just heat it up at school?

Thanks for your input! I can't wait to try my Mr. Bento tomorrow.

kusine Posted 11 years ago. Edited by kusine (member) 11 years ago
Congrats on your new Mr. Bento!!!

A lot of it depends on how you will be carrying/storing your food. If it's all going to be cold and you're going to heat it up later, I wouldn't worry about it at all. Mr. Bento is super good at keeping stuff cold, especially if you pack your lunch the night before.

I don't have any problems packing dairy, even if some of the stuff is hot. I just try to pack the hot stuff in the bottom two containers, then fold a piece of aluminum foil in quarters and put it on top of the "rice" container, and snuggle the top two containers - containing clod stuff - into that. I find that puts just that extra bit of insulation between the cold and hot that it's just fine.

I've never gotten sick with cheese or yogurt or anything in my lunch, and hot or cold, it sits in a drawer at work for about at least 5 hours before I eat it. But you need to decide how comfortable you feel with that!
stinky_harriet PRO 11 years ago
I just ordered a Mr. Bento from Amazon tonight and was wondering about this. I do have access to a microwave and toaster oven at work, so keeping things hot isn't as important as keeping things cold. While it would be a timesaver at work if I didn't have to reheat hot foods, I'd rather do that than risk warming up yogurt or cottage cheese.

If you put all cold food in the containers and keep the Mr. Bento in the fridge overnight, will the food stay cool for a few hours after you take it out in the morning?
simple apparatus [deleted] 11 years ago
I live in a very warm state (AZ) so I don't generally take anything warm to work. I have a microwave I can use there so heating things up is no problem. As for keeping things cool, my Mr B spends the night in the frigde (I pack the night before) then gets put in an insulated lunchbag with one of those blue ice things and things are good until lunch at noon.
kusine 11 years ago
If I put a full Mr. B (in his insulated container) in the fridge overnight, they are still perfectly cold at lunchtime! He is much better at keeping things cold than hot, in my experience.
DorothySH PRO 11 years ago
I find it easier to pack at night and then I place the entire container bag and all in the fridge overnight. When I get to work he sits on my table and waits for lunch time. I break him open early from time to time too if I packed snacks suitable to enjoy with my coffee and he is always still good and cold at lunch.
sobodda PRO 11 years ago
I agree with putting the whole container in the fridge overnight to keep things cold. Also I often bring yogurt and I've never had a problem, though I never bring anything hot with it.
stinky_harriet PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by stinky_harriet (member) 11 years ago
Thanks! I'm currently using a Laptop Lunchbox 99% of the time, and I usually pack it the night before and then stick it in the fridge. It comes with a well insulated carrying case that I slip an ice pack into. I never have to worry about naything going bad and sometimes if I put anything frozen in it's still frozen hours later. I've never packed anything hot in the Laptop. I'm definitely more concerned with keeping things cool since we have only a teeny tiny cube fridge at work, and if more than one person brings lunch there won't be enough room in there.
Subspace 11 years ago
Zojirushi's warning about dairy is practically hysterical: most food poisonings aren't caused by dairy, they are caused by starches like rice or potatoes - and even then, you need some heavy-duty contamination to cause illness.

The only issue with dairy is that I've used my soup container as a yogurt-holder for months, and the container has taken on a decidedly yogurty smell, which isn't exactly pleasant. It smells unpleasantly sour. It responds very well to being left out, clean, and in direct sunlight over the weekend to kill the odors, but by the following Friday it's always borderline stinky again.
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