amanky 12:13am, 18 February 2007
Ok, thanks to some input from everyone, and especially erica_s We're gonna have a little fun this week.

Ever seen a dish posted on this group that made your mouth water? An entree, side dish, even a garnish that you've always wanted to make but never got around to it? Let's take all the fabu ideas we've seen in the pool and apply them to our own creations. You can go all out with someone's touch, try only a piece, or fill your separates with a little bit from various folks!

Be sure to tell us where the idea came from, how you came about it, etc. So let's get to perusing the pool & spreadin' the creativity & yummy goodness!

again, feel no obligation to participate, but enjoy it if you do!
For me, weeks start on sunday/monday... so I'll make my best attempts to place a new theme here on saturday or sundays, so you can think, plan, prep!

please tag your shots:
Food Inspired By...

[note: I'm doing this at Laptop Lunches as well so we can enjoy across systems!]
ysetiawa Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ysetiawa (member) 11 years ago
I love buying Japanese cookbooks even though I can't read them for they have lots of nice pictures and give me plenty of ideas. I love this one book very much, it has hundreds of pages, full pictures. This Bento is inspired by one of the pages.
amanky 11 years ago
not quite the idea of the theme, but great food & inspiration...
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