kusine 11:00am, 14 February 2007
You can access it here: www.kusine.com/misc/Bento.xls. It's pretty amazing.

Please download it to your computer so as not to eat up all the bandwidth. Thanks!
amanky 11 years ago
thanks... again!
ysetiawa 11 years ago
wow thank you for the work.
Jennitope 11 years ago
Wow, Ysetiawa! That is really an incredible spreadsheet. I make a lot of lists similar to those, but not in one fancy, multi-colored place...thanks so much for sharing it with us. It's very inspiring!
yummy noodle 11 years ago
To Ysetiawa...thanks so much for sharing your spread sheet. i really am in awe at how organized and creative you are. i envy your organizational skills...your house must be in tip top shape. thanks again.
Classic Pep 11 years ago
Great spread sheet, eh. When I grow up, I've got some organization to do of my own, lol. Thanks for the inspiration. Oh, and thanks for the Sesame Dressing recipe, I've got to try that today.
ysetiawa 11 years ago
You're very welcome. I've learned a lot too from this group. I love Excel too much. just continue adjusting it to ur need, and the cliparts are now very cute. you can download it anytime from microsoft.
amanky 11 years ago
ok, so I'm going to start a spreadsheet myself... hoping to keep ideas and planning better organized, and assure I constantly pack a lunch vs. toting the boring micromeal I had friday, bleh.
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