ramona.flowers PRO 2:38pm, 12 February 2007
The Target where I work has a new endcap display set up in the housewares area for making cupcakes. There are a few different paper cupcake liners in regular, mini, and jumbo size with cute prints on them. There's also some reusable silicone ones in different shapes (!!) like square, heart, or triangle. They look about right for dipping sauces or holding a little bit of food you want to keep separated.

Just thought I'd give the heads up! :)
amanky 11 years ago
*sigh* I want a Target!

I've been eyeing a heart-shaped silicone cup on ebay... alas too spendy for my taste (after shipping)
Leia511 11 years ago
I saw them last week too and they are adoreable! I Also saw a pack of a dozen sili cups at Joanne's for 9.99! They were red and blue, but hey, if you have a 40% off coupon, then that's a great deal!
ysetiawa 11 years ago
O gosh.. tell me about it. Target please open one of your store in BC, Canada. Wal-mart can, why can't you?
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