amanky 8:12pm, 6 February 2007
feel free to make suggestions for future weekly food themes.... yum!

[note: I'm doing this at LaptopLunches as well so we can enjoy across systems!]
Leia511 Posted 12 years ago. Edited by amanky (admin) 11 years ago
I'd like to suggest maybe Holiday themes? We have Easter coming up :D

[editted: VDay & StPattys done!]
plantsareneat PRO 12 years ago
When we get into the growing season, how about a "Locally grown" week? Where one would try to use lots of ingredients that were grown or produced in your city or region.

On that same idea, how about a "food in season" week three or four times a year? We can rhapsodize on tomatoes in summer, asparagus in Spring, squashes & roots in Winter, and apples and brussel sprouts in Fall.

And ha! How about our own Iron Chef week? We pick an ingredient, and everyone tries to use it in each Mr. Bento bowl one day in the week. I love Iron Chef, and I sometimes wonder if I'd be up to the challenge. :)
yummy noodle 12 years ago
ooooh....i like the iron chef idea...that would be pretty challenging! but i definitely agree with the holiday themes.
amanky 12 years ago
I love the IronChef idea... that's awesome!
kusine 12 years ago
How about "Something New" where we each try something we've never had before?

Or how about "I Don't Like It, But..." to encourage us to retry foods that we haven't liked in the past. The week before, we could even post our disliked foods and see if others have recipes that might improve them.
plantsareneat PRO 12 years ago
This is exciting!

Kusine, I like your ideas a lot, though I'm a little afraid of the "I don't like it but..." idea - how much kraut and liver can I handle in a week?
Jennitope 12 years ago
I love the Iron Chef, Something New, and I Don't Like It But ideas! Even though they're all scary in one way or another.

There's also Breakfast for Lunch or various colors. (Sorry if you've done all this before...I'm new here!)

The Oscars are coming up, and it's fun to make up Oscar-nominee-themed food, like for instance Kate Winslettuce with Forrest Wheatcracker and Dreamsicle Girls.
amanky 12 years ago
great input... we're only on week 2, so basically it's a wide open field!
rombrella 12 years ago
Shapes and letters could be fun. All squares, or all foods starting with a letter of choice.
amanky 12 years ago
ooo, good idea, somehting that hadn't even occured to me...

colors could work too!
amanky 11 years ago
don't for get to suggest themes, or chime in!
KJF916 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by KJF916 (member) 11 years ago
Holidays are a given. Some other ideas ...

Make a meal inspired by your ...

favorite book or film, with references
favorite childhood memory, with accompanying story
wedding (or graduation, or celebration) meal .. what did you serve?

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