amanky 5:27pm, 5 February 2007
ok, free for all... feel no obligation to participate, but I thought it might be fun to toss out a bit of a theme each week so you can run with it all week, or choose a day and go for it! (or just sit back and enjoy the view!?)

we'll kick it off with a bit of inspiration from a fellow flickrite and a blog!


forget grabbing loads of new ingredients... get creative with what you've got, finish off the stuff in the freezer, fridge, cupboards, etc.

please tag your shots:

[note: I'm doing this at LaptopLunches as well so we can enjoy across systems!]
amanky 12 years ago
please know... this will be especially difficult for me, as I just did some major grocery shopping on Saturday... so i may struggle to compose a Use-It-Up! meal vs. showing off my new goodies!
KJF916 12 years ago
I saw that and thought that was a great theme also! Hooray!
ginalamb 12 years ago
Awesome! Sometimes, that's the best way to get creative...
DorothySH PRO 12 years ago
Well, I did that just today without even knowing it. Since I was home, I got creative and looked in the pantry for a great meal for Mr. I will retag my photo! My hubby's meal was comprised of freezer items as well as pantry items. What a great idea. PRO 12 years ago
great theme indeed. I am doing this for a month or so.. tight n the budget, lots of stuff in the shelves and freezer.. although I try to add fruit each day, which is fresh ;) (now looking into my fridge it says pizza... half a jar of anchovies, some tomatoe sauce, grated cheese,,, canned tuna in the cupboards...hmmm)
amanky 12 years ago
I don't see any meals in this thread... *makes scrunchy faces at folks*

(I linked up the tags so you can see everything more easily!)
kusine 12 years ago
Sorry, amanky. I haven't been posting photos because I really don't have time to do that. I figured everyone would just do what I was doing, and click on the tag.
amanky 12 years ago
@kusine: I was mostly jesting you all... and that's also why I linked up the tag in the original post!

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