Leia511 11:28pm, 17 January 2007
Okay, so I decided to buy a Mr. Bento after seeing all of these wonderful pictures and lunches that everyone posts! ( Also Amazon's fantastic deal on Mr. Bento right now!! ) It's also a good way for me to really focus on portion control.

I just have a few little questions. Where can I get the small sauce containters ( like the little fish, or animals) as well as a small cup to possibly put dressing or dip in? I don't want to spend a fortune on them. Do you think that I'd be able to get them at an Asian Foods store?

I hope that I can add some pictures to this group, I love to play with my food and make it look appetizing! You guys have such great ideas for meals, so healthy and delicious. We're getting a Whole Foods within the next few months, so I can't wait.

I'll leave you with a picture of some sushi that I made awhile back :)

My Sushi
KJF916 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by KJF916 (member) 11 years ago
Welcome! You'll find eBay is very user friendly for bento enthusiasts. I'd venture that many of us get our supplies, there.

Are you in a major metropolitan city which has Japanese kitchenware stores? You'll see a lot of references in our threads to SF Bay Area (California) stores Ichiban Kan and Daiso -- which are Japanese Dollar stores with mega bento supplies.

Also, many of us are able to find wonderful things at craft stores. For instance, Michael's and Ben Franklin and more, which carry the Silicone Baking Cups intended for cupcakes and muffins.

Crate and Barrel has silicone sauce cups and "herb cups" which are shallow and fit in Bentos.

Also, I recently discovered that the little aluminum cups and clear plastic cups that houseTEALIGHTS are perfect little "dibs and dabs" cups. Take the cup off without burning the candle ... of course. ;)

Welcome, and have fun!
seahills1 11 years ago
KateFord - thank you!! I've been wondering for the last few weeks where everyone got all the cute little containers for sauces and such. I checked out Uwijamaya with no luck. Then I saw your note and a little light bulb went on in my head when I saw DAISO. I recalled seeing an article in the Seattle newspaper about Daiso opening its first store in the US and sure enough - I walked down there (it's 6 blocks from work) and there it was - freshly opened.
KJF916 11 years ago
Six blocks!!?? "LUCKY" (said in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice).

I've made a pilgramage from Sacramento to Daiso, a 3 hour round trip, just to shop for myself and my Flickr pals, and I need to do it again. I'm jealous!

My cutest dishes and containers have come from eBay of course, but Daiso was a great resource as well.

ysetiawa 11 years ago
I want to see Ichiban Kan. We only got Daiso here. hiks.. :(
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