ramona.flowers PRO 6:04am, 11 January 2007
Like bell pepper flowers, apple butterflies, cheese bats, etc.: What do you do with the excess food after you cut the shapes out?

I am super curious! I think that I would do that sort of thing more often if I got in the habit of packing my lunch at night instead of right before I have to leave for work, and also if I could imagine what to do with the irregularly-shaped bits of bell pepper and cheese. Including them in the lunch is counter-intuitive, because I took the time to make pretty shaped food bits!
Asling 11 years ago
I have been dicing them and keeping them in the fridge for future cooking.
Like I made carrot flowers tonight and put the remainders in the pampered chef grinder for salad shavings. I had made red pepper stars and diced the leftovers to put in the jasmine coconut rice we had for dinner. Leftover cheese bits turn into chili and baked bean and mashed potato fixings.
I am new to the Bento thing and new to the group, but that's what I do!
Biggie* 11 years ago
On some bento forums, people have said they: 1) eat them as breakfast/snack as they pack, 2) pack the bits in the lunch underneath the prettily cut pieces, 3) throw them into salad, or 4) put them in the fridge for use in other dishes.
DorothySH PRO 11 years ago
For cheese bites, I often throw them into a zip lock bag and later use them in salad, grilled cheese, and omelettes.

For bread bites, I throw them into the freezer and thaw them to use in as bread cubes for stuffing and meatloaf.

For veggie bites, I would use them for veggie soup and just thow them into a ziplock and freeze. I don't do much with veggies as I don't have cutters that can truly do them up nicely; however, that is what I would do if I did.
Subspace 11 years ago
I generally do a combination of lamascus's number 1 and number 2. for example, in this photo:

The messy pieces of mango are under the mango butterflies. However, in this photo:
Wednesday lunch.
my dog and I ate the spare cheese pieces while I was packing the lunch.
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