KJF916 8:44pm, 21 December 2006
We've posted about our locations before, but I'd be interested to know where your bento works or studies!

Mr. bento come with me on a bus each morning (or walking if I'm energetic) to a law firm (I'm a paralegal) in Northern California, outside of San Francisco. He is opened for lunch on the 22nd floor of a high rise, overlooking the city.

You guys?
mexibento 12 years ago
My husband's Mr. Bento drives to work with him every morning on a 30 minute commute. Being an arborist, he usually eats his lunch somewhere up in a tall tree. (Sometimes his coworkers send it up to him on a rope!)
KJF916 12 years ago
How cool! I'm glad I asked.
simple apparatus [deleted] 12 years ago
That is cool! My Mr Bento drives with me on a 20 minute commute from North Tempe to North Scottsdale (both outside Phoenix) to an insurance company and is opened for lunch on the first floor, overlooking the entrance to an underground parking garage, some trees, and high-priced condos.
therealnani PRO 12 years ago
My Mr. Bento travels with me on the Metro North (NYC Commuter Rail) from Spuyten Duyvil to 125th Street-Harlem, then on the number 6 train (NYC Subway) to the South Bronx, where he observes my classes in the morning and is opened in the Social Studies dept. office, eyed with jealousy by other tupperware-toting teachers.
DorothySH PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by DorothySH (member) 12 years ago
Mr. Bento travels over the mountain with me each morning for a 20 minute bumpy ride into the town of Carlisle, PA. He sits by the window and looks out onto the parking area each day. He has a lovely view (if no one parks directly in front of him as the parking area is level with my office window) of the passing traffic and housing community across the street. So one could say he is always in the know.
ginalamb Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ginalamb (member) 12 years ago
Mr. Bento travels with me on the PATH rail system and the NYC subway from Grove Street in Jersey City, N.J., to Times Square. He sits on my desk in the newsroom while reporters and editors, including me, put together the foreign news section of the next day's newspaper. Sometimes, he takes in a view of the city and the Hudson River from the 11th floor cafeteria.
ramona.flowers PRO 12 years ago
My Mr B travels in my car to a Target store up the road a little way from where I live in Southeastern Michigan. He waits in the break room fridge until my first break, when I usually eat the soup or yogurt I packed (depending which I felt like packing that morning). Then later I take a 30 minute lunch, and eat my main dish and usually some fruit or veggies. Then about an hour before my shift ends I take my last break, and if there's anything left I'll eat that then.
guinnevere 12 years ago
my mr. bento rides 15 minutes with my husband and i in a very fast car (he drives like andretti) to my 2nd floor pediatric office in an upscale shopping area of north dallas, tx (i loathe the area). he then sits under my desk until 12:30 or 1 or maybe 1:15 if we're running really behind, at which time he is opened in our break room, which overlooks the other businesses in the shopping center, like several mortgage companies, a salon, a bank, and an overpriced restaurant ($20/plate for LUNCH), but none of that really matters because i always eat on the right side of the table, which puts our back to the window, but we get to eat with good company most of the time. unless we have to eat alone because our doctor ran so behind for the day :/
divakitty 12 years ago
My Mr. Bento takes a daily trip on the ferry to SF and then is consumed in the Financial District on the 23rd floor overlooking the Bay Bridge & the Ferry Marketplace.
Robyn the slug 12 years ago
My Mr. Bento goes into my backpack and onto the bus. Then it's a 15 minute ride to campus. I usually eat my lunch in one of my classes if I have a full day (no breaks!) otherwise, I'll find a nice spot outdoors for a picnic.
silvergull Posted 12 years ago. Edited by silvergull (member) 12 years ago
My Mr. Bento leads a mysterious double life. Weekdays, he rides the subway to the Chief Justice's Office for the high court of my province, where I work on contract as a legal assistant. I sometimes eat at my desk, sometimes in the Office kitchen, even at the foodcourt with my coworkers. But when the weather is nice, I take Mr. Bento outside for a picnic.

Evenings and weekends, Mr. Bento (or sometimes, his loyal sidekick Mr. Vitro) zooms around the city to the various yoga classes that I teach. Usually I eat on the subway, but sometimes I'll find an empty classroom, or a spot outside if it's warm. I don't eat a lot, but I do try to eat a small meal between my classes.

On a serious note, when I took the office contract, I had no idea I would be doing it for 8 months. Even though Mr. Bento was a pricey investment (I paid a mint for him here in Canada), he's paid for himself several times over, considering the savings from not 'eating out.' I'll continue to use my bento after the contract ends in Feburary (and I continue to teach yoga full-time), though it may not be as frequent.
ValerieTorrey 12 years ago
Mr. Bento and I are enjoying lunch together right now. :) Yay Bento!

I work at a financial institution in Mid-Michigan which is just a small distance from my apartment. But, we usually make a pit-stop at Sbux in the morning for some coffee. So, the commute extends to a whopping 25 minutes at most.

He spends the morning in the fridge, then joins me in my small cubicle where we enjoy the view of the 4 walls around my desk.

In the summer, we'll have our lunch dates at the picnic table outside....I can't wait for warmer weather again!
scooterbug1245 12 years ago
I have only had Mr. B for a few day, but so far he rides shotgun in my PT Cruiser on I-275 in Tampa, FL for about 10 mins and then sits on a chair behind me until about 6:30. We are at work 4 to 8, so he gets used kinda late. Next week I start school again so he will go from work to school.........not sure where we will eat yet, outside if it isn't raining.
cupcakepajamas 12 years ago
Every weekday, my Mr. Bento rides shotgun from Dania Beach to a homeless shelter in Fort Lauderdale, where he hangs on a hook in my office until I'm hungry for lunch or a snack. So far, he's only been opened at my desk, but I've only had him for a few days which have been too busy to eat in the breakroom. Usually, I eat the contents of three containers for lunch, and one for a late afternoon snack.
fan21yanks 12 years ago
Mr. Bento and I live in Pittsburgh, PA. We leave my apartment promptly at 7:52 am each morning to ride the bus from Regent Square to Oakland. He sits on my office window sill and looks at the students walking around. In the summer, I'm sure he'll enjoy seeing the lines outside the ice cream shop across the street. He and I have only been lunch buddies for three days and he's always in my office, but I may eat in the kitchen and/or outdoors sometime in the future.
Cometgirl63 12 years ago
My Mr. Bento rides with me to the MINI dealership from Roswell (North Atlanta) to Union City (South Atlanta) everyday- 45 miles! We usually have lunch in the breakroom- the techs are always interested in what I have for lunch. I would love to have a picnic table for the spring and fall, may have to go in search for an alternative myself.
Aktivistin 12 years ago
On Mondays and Wednesdays, Mr. Bento travels with me on a 20-minute car ride to uni where I lug him around my classes, tempted to show him off early. At lunchtime, I head to the student building to use the microwaves and nuke Mr. Bento's innards.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, Mr. Bento and I go to work in the basement office suite of a building on a former military base. He waits in the refrigerator until lunch when I parade his contents in front of my co-workers.
Lalalaa Dolce Vita PRO 12 years ago
B at work

My Mr. Bento is assistant to the Interim Director of the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce:
B at work
amanky 11 years ago
Mr Bento is still sitting on an industrail line, waiting to be created for me... or maybe in a storefront somewhere... wanting to be "picked next!"

*sigh* perhaps when i get my next web commission payment...?
Leia511 11 years ago
Mr. Bento rides with me for the 20 minute drive to work, then spends his day lounging at my desk here:

My desk

Then at lunchtime, when it's nice outside we have a picnic lunch at a table and enjoy the sunshine.
SarahScott 11 years ago
My Mister Bento drives to school near the Superdome in New Orleans with me most days!
velvet_hellvis Posted 11 years ago. Edited by velvet_hellvis (member) 11 years ago
Mr. Bento accompanies me on a 3-mile drive from my house in a suburb of Cincinnati, OH to the campus of a large, mid-western financial company where I work in IT. Once at my spacious cubicle, Mr. B sits at my desk awaiting the lunch hour at which time I sit in peace and quiet and eat his yummy innards.

P.S. If there was direct public transportation, I would take the bus. Unfortunately, getting to work by bus means taking a bus downtown and the hoping another back out to the burbs. The one way trip takes an hour.

And I'd get too sweaty and gross if I walked or rode my bike.
simple apparatus [deleted] 11 years ago
I can relate, Velvet_helvis. I work for a insurance company (whose parent company is in Columbus) and getting there by bus would require either two buses or one bus plus walking. And our campus is in a high-end residential area and the closest bus line is 3/4 mile away. Not fun when it's either 115 degrees or 50 and dark (no street lights and lots of trees)
Aelith PRO 11 years ago
The mr bento that lives with me goes from queens to nyu. it gets jostled around on the train. but mr bento enjoys being around lab equipment--he thinks it's exciting to meet all sorts of strange and distant cousins. he also enjoys all the envious looks the humans who hang around there make when they look at him. mr bento just loves being coveted. he doesn't always return home the same day, but he does manage to bathe regularly enough that I don't mind. right now I believe he is on half time or perhaps vacation/leave of abscence because I am not around--and I am the one who fills him up even though I do not empty him out.
cmarbon 11 years ago
mr. bento survives rabid scrubbing after invariably being left unwashed too long (poor guy) and enjoys short ride from d.c. north to d.c. closer-to-downtown where he sits on my desk all day as I report for my reportorial job. usually never leaves my desk, and neither do I.
metafouric 11 years ago
Mr. Bento is a government official in the DC metro area, signing notice of grant awards for cancer researchers all over the US, as well as the rest of the world. He awards over $80 million per fiscal year.
ysetiawa 11 years ago
Mr. Bento travels with my husband to work, 30-min drive, to Langley, BC. Maybe about 3-4 times a week. He always calls me at work after lunch, saying that it brightens up his day. Plus, he doesn't have to stand in 'microwave' line.
DorothySH PRO 11 years ago
Mr Bento now travels almost everyday to Chambersburg, PA with my hubby to work. Almost a 45 minute drive from the house, he enjoys sitting in the backseat looking out the window waiting to see what adventures he will encounter throughout the day.
waiting cows [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by waiting cows (member) 11 years ago
Mr. Bento joins me for 15 min drive through west los angeles to my studio, where I work as a VFX artist. He sits on a shelf in my dark office waiting patiently for lunchtime, which is usually after dailies around 11:30. At lunch, I have half of what I brought, try to get out for a walk or work through lunch and then snack on the rest for the remainder of the day.
djpiebob 11 years ago
Ms. Bento travels by BART train every day from Oakland to San Francisco, CA to work as a senior technical publications manager at the 4th largest software company in the world. during the day, she looks out of her tenth floor office window at the Bay Bridge, and is glad she's not sitting in the bridge traffic :).
seahills1 11 years ago
Mr Bento travels by car 8 miles to the end of our island where he boards a Washington State ferry (it's a true island - Mr Bento must either take a boat or swim). After the boat ride, Mr Bento boards a transit bus to be whisked off to downtown Seattle where he sits on my desk on the 23rd floor of a high rise overlooking Puget Sound while I design, plan, and implement network infrastructure for local government. Mr Bento greets me for a mid-morning snack (no time for breakfast), lunch, and a mid afternoon snack. Then he goes home.
manixter 11 years ago
Mr Bento goes to work with me. Usually he sits in my office fridge, waiting to be opened as soon as I have a moment. If I have to go to the cath lab or MRI, I take him with me because I never know when I'll be back. Since he has a nice black jacket, I can just put him on the bottom shelf of the gurney as I go to and fro.
KJF916 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by KJF916 (member) 11 years ago
Very cool! I love "Where's Mr. Bento" stories! In fact, we ought to photo our bentos on journeys to great places and share them in a thread (not the pool -- "lovely lunches only" per moderators). "Here's Mr. Bento with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background!"
stinky_harriet PRO 11 years ago
I've only used my Mr. Bento twice so far. Both times he took an express bus into Manhattan, where he then sat on my desk until lunch time. Both times I packed cold food, and filled Mr. B the night before and let him sleep in the fridge.

I was disappointed that my yogurt (in the soup bowl) was somewhat warm by the time I ate it (maybe 4 hours after taking it out of the fridge at home). I didn't do anything special other than stick the packed Mr. B in the fridge overnight. Should I have filled the outer container with cold water, leaving the inner containers out (but in the fridge, of course) and then put them in the next morning? The instructions do mention filling it with hot/cold water but I thought keeping it in the fridge would be enough.

I plan on showing Mr. Bento the East River once the weather gets warm ebnough to eat outside. I hope we don't get attacked by seagulls.
KJF916 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by KJF916 (member) 11 years ago
Hmmm, Harriet. I pack yogurt and cold things all the time. I've never filled the canister with cold water.

What I do, is fill the individual containers with my food, and stack them in the fridge, out of the canister, the night before, usually. If I have room, the canister goes in the fridge to chill, but, it's open and empty. I want the air to circulate on those little containers.

My theory was, if it's that well insulated, I want the air to get around the individual containers, and if it's closed and full, it may not take on the chill as much as I'd like.

So, in the a.m., I just put the containers inside the main canister, and away I go. My yogurt has never been warm -- many hours later.

Now, for the reverse -- if I want the canister to be HOT, then I do fill it with very hot water (usually just from the tap, while I'm showering in the a.m.), and then nuke and put my food in the heated container.

Try it, you may have better results.

muriley 11 years ago
Noob here!

I pack Mr. Bento every day for a trip on my husband's motorcycle from the wilds of downtown LA to a mostly asian suburb a half hour's drive away. He's an investment broker at a bank, and all the young tellers there think Mr. Bento is adorable.
stinky_harriet PRO 11 years ago
Thanks for the suggestions, Kate. Next time I'll leave the outer container open in the fridge and pack the inner containers in the morning. I still haven't tried packing anything hot, but I know I'll want to try soup eventually.

I wish they made an insulated bag to pack Mr. Bento in. The reason my Laptop Lunchbox keeps everything totally chilled all day is because that bag they sell works so well. Even after I take the lunchbox out and eat it, the ice pack I leave in the bag stays frozen all day. When I got home at night, 10-12 hours later, there's usually still a small frozen chunk in the ice pack.
KJF916 11 years ago
Harriett I do pack my smaller containers the night before, for maximum chill (and maximum laziness in the morning).

You're right about the bag. I don't use Mr. B's black bag. I found a freezer bag from IKEA for $4.99. It's deep, but not huge. He sits down inside perfectly, with room for drinks, fruit, and accessories next to him, with a long strap to carry it like a purse. Works beautifully.
bend it like bento Posted 11 years ago. Edited by bend it like bento (member) 11 years ago
Mr. Bento likes to ride shot-gun with me to work as I bike the busy streets of Cambridge, Ma. He takes great delight as I weave in and out of the morning and evening traffic dodging angry or absent minded drivers who havn't figured out how to share the road. And although biking throught the city is fun, Mr. Bento also enjoys my office where he sits at my desk and is surrounded by students who stop by all day to chat and drink tea with me.
great rifle [deleted] 11 years ago
Mr. Bento gets shoved into my giant bag and off we go to the bus stop and then to the train for 2 quick stops. Mr. Bento and I arrive at my office, which is in the North End of Boston, at 8AM and we are both still sleepy. ( If I didn't care about my wasteline or my wallet, Mr. Bento would never get any love as the Italian food around my office is awesome! )
KJF916 11 years ago
::bump:: for the newbies!
kastelling 11 years ago
My mr bento gets eaten in the office at my work- a doggie daycare! I eat to sounds of barking, LOL!
kusine 11 years ago
Mr. Bento and I got a new job! He now joins me at the Office of Information Technology at The Ohio State University, where he is prepared to dazzle his new coworkers with his tastiness.
roseread 11 years ago
Mr Bento rides in the back seat as I drive Rte. 2 west to Waltham, MA, where I work as a corporate librarian/telephone monkey. He thinks it's safer back there, as he's less likely to go flying as I slam on the breaks to avoid hitting some idiot driver who cut me off. He also has a harder time hearing me curse out the other drivers and the general horrors of my morning commute.

Once we get into work, he gets broken up. The containers with perishables go in the fridge, and the rest of him sits on the floor under my desk. At lunch he's reunited in the office park's lunch atrium. We have a quiet lunch, just the two of us and a book and sometimes knitting. I'm glad I found Mr. Bento, because the only lunch options to me are brown bagging, or the overpriced on-site cafe. I work in an area dedicated to office parks and corporate suites, and the closest food is fast food, and that's a 10 minute drive. Mr. Bento makes me very happy at lunch.
hwianshirt08204 11 years ago
Newbie here. My Mr. Bento gets strapped to my back and commutes to work with me. Then he sits in the Squad room fridge till midway through my shift. (12 hrs in Police dispatch) 6 hours through is when I get to eat and all I get is funny looks from the other guys. Tell you what though, 2 months of eating with Mr. Bento and riding my bike to work has made me 40 lbs lighter. I have two other officers looking at getting one now!
Irini G 11 years ago
Hi there! Mr. Bento travels with me by bus to where I work (a nonprofit) in downtown Seattle. He is then placed in the fridge where he is consistently the best looking thing in it. I usually dip into him around 9 for my yogurt, fruit and granola and again at noon to enojy the rest of his serious bounty. I am still getting in the swing of packing a lunch and hope to increase the number of days I use him.
KJF916 11 years ago
@Hawaiian Shirt -- that's fantastic. I recently started riding my bike to work as well. I'm amazed how much faster I get there, actually.
ayanajanelle Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ayanajanelle (member) 11 years ago
Mr. Bento bikes with me to work in the mornings too! We leave in the wee hours when its still dark and arrive at my office building (we work for the local phone company). He sits in the breakroom fridge on the 5th floor of the building. We enjoy my breakfast 2 hours later (which is usually yogurt). He's back out around 9am for my lunch spread and then back into my backpack until we trek back home again at the end of my shift.
elaynam 11 years ago
New here! Mr. Bento rides the subway with me most days to midtown Manhattan, where he spends the next several hours sitting on the less cluttered end of my cubicle. He greatly enjoys being the center of attention whenever my coworkers walk by and notice him (which is inevitably followed by the "What the hell is that?" conversation).
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