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simple apparatus [deleted] 9:00pm, 1 December 2006
Hey y'all! I've been lurking on Mr Bento Porn for quite awhile now and I've decided to start posting what goes into Mr Bento. I know. Y'all are just so excited, huh? Anyway, my poll is this: How many of you post your Mr Bento daily and how many post weekly? I'm trying to decide which one to do.

Thank you very much in advance.

Brenda---An Arizona Mr Bento Owner (who really should be working but can't seem to stay motivated right now)
KJF916 12 years ago
I rotate between bento styles, so not daily OR weekly into this group, per se. Generally, I don't photogarph and post a boring lunch (today's, blah), or a repeat lunch (you don't need to see my spinach three days in a row) or a substandard picture (80%), so I suppose it's "more than weekly" but "less than daily."

nadja.robot PRO 12 years ago
Every now and again I will post 2 in a row. But this is rare.
And I do make you look at my repeats.
simple apparatus [deleted] 12 years ago
Hahaha, Nadja.robot. I still haven't decided what to do. My lunches are usually so boring y'all would probably kick me out of the club for putting you to sleep. ;)
DorothySH PRO 12 years ago
I post every night when I pack. If I am forget to pack and have time, I post in the morning before I eat my meal. I don't think I have every posted more then one at a time.
simple apparatus [deleted] 12 years ago
Thank you for your input, Dorothy!
Subspace 12 years ago
Daily. I also post(ed) every night after packing - it was just a part of my nightly routine. I often use the internet as the last part of my evening, and it seemed just as easy to load them nightly as opposed to weekly.
simple apparatus [deleted] 12 years ago
Thank you, Subspace. I appreciate the feedback.
sobodda PRO 12 years ago
I post them every time I bring a lunch that's not too similar to the last one. So a couple of times a week or less, because I eat lots of leftovers.
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