[.sweet.pea.] 7:41pm, 29 November 2006
Hi everyone!
I'm thinking about asking my my parents to order me a Mr. Bento for Christmas but I have a few questions about it first, so if you wouldn't mind helping me, I would greatly appreciate it!

So I guess my 1st question is, Does it actually keep the food really warm? Like if I were to heat everything in the morning at about 7 or 7:30 would it still be warm by the time I got to eat my food at around 10:30? I've hear plenty of people say it definately will still be warm (after reading some of the other posts on the board) but I just wanted to be sure.

and my 2nd question is, How bulky is it? Is it easy to carry around, stuff like that? I'm a sophmore in highschool and I was hoping it would be easy for me to carry , I don't have to far to go because I go to a really little school but I still don't want it to be too difficult for me to tote back and forth to school almost everyday.

I guess that's all i'm really concerned about, so thanks in advance, and hopefully i'll be getting a Mr. Bento soon so you'll be seeing some pictures from me too ; )

<3, Amanda
KJF916 Posted 12 years ago. Edited by KJF916 (member) 12 years ago

How warm (or cold) your food will be, is dependant upon the effort you put into the packing. In my experience, if I pack a hot lunch at 7:30 a.m., it is still warm enough to eat, without reheating, by lunch time. This means, however, that you must pack it right out of the skillet or microwave.

If I take a bit more effort, however, and pour boiling water into the main container and heat it for 10 minutes while I'm showering and dressing, and THEN add the hot food and containers, at lunch time, the food is not only warm, steam will rise as I remove the lids.

Conversely, if I put cold food in at 7:30 a.m., it is still chilled by noon. If I fill the containers the night before, and fridge them overnight, they are downright cold at noon. Sometimes I put a frozen ice pak in my container, on the counter, the night before. When I remove the lid the nexst morning, the ice pak has only partially melted -- the insulating properties are that good. This is great for pre-chilling the container, for a really cold lunch, like yogurt and fruit salad.

As for bulk, that's hard to answer. For me, yes, it's bulky. But, I carry a tote bag daily and it does sit down in the tote bag just fine. Its a lot of housing for the food containers, but the pay off is worth it. It isn't difficult to carry of course, it has a strap and stuff doesn't tend to spill even when I knock it over.

So difficult to car around? Not really.
Bulky? Sort of.
Worth it? Absolutely.

.ams PRO 12 years ago
The heat issue has been discussed before:
Subspace 12 years ago
It's no bulkier than any lunch container, in my opinion. I mean, when I was in highschool, my backpack was always so stuffed full of garbage that it never would have fit anyway, but as it stands now I walk to work about a mile both ways every day and I carry a purse and Mr. Bento. The Mr. Bento has a sling on it so you can throw it o'er your shoulder, and a little handle on top if you prefer to hold it that way.

Dude, it's worth it. I mean, my feeling is that even if you only use it a few times a week, that's a few times a week that you're making yourself a totally rad lunch. Assuming you are as totally rad as we are, which I suspect you may be.
[.sweet.pea.] 12 years ago
@Kate-Thanks for the info. I actually carry a pretty big tote bag as a purse, so i'm pretty used to carrying that. It might take me a while to get used to carrying the Mr.B but I don't think it'll be too hard ; )
and thanks for the food packing tips too = )

@Ariel-Thanks, I found the topic last night after I had already posted this and was going to come back and edit my post but wound up forgetting = P

@Subspace-I think it'll be totally worth it, so i'm pretty much convinced I can't live w/o one now = ) Now to convince my parents that I need one as much as I think I do.
I actually have a shirt that says "i'm rad" on the front and "you're rad" with smaller font under it that says "let's hug" that my mom bought for me = )
I've already got a few ideas that I want to try when I get my Mr.B!
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