ficbot 5:32am, 22 November 2006
I am using a Mr. Vito and loooove it so much! But I am paranoid about putting the lid on right away so no heat escapes. The thought of leaving it open for a few minutes to take the picture worries me. Just wondering how you with the hot lunches photograph it. Do you set up the shot before you heat the hot things, then take it all out of the containers and heat it? Do you pack only cold things and just heat them up at work? Vito is a steel thermos with containers that stack in it, so I cannot micro it at work, but I find if I preheat it properly, it will stay hot until lunch.
Aktivistin 12 years ago
Actually, to be honest ficbot, I've just been using Mr. Bento to keep things cold, not warm/hot. So I haven't had much trouble trying to take the shot quickly.

I would try to set up the shot before heating it up, or even with empty containers. Then I would quickly shoot a couple of photos when the containers are filled. I don't think it should take several minutes to take the photos this way, and hopefully your lunch will still be hot when you eat it!
simple apparatus [deleted] 12 years ago
I only photographed my lunch once so I could show a friend, but I did it after I'd packed everything. My lunches usually are either things that don't require heating up or I heat it up at work.
Subspace Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Subspace (member) 12 years ago
I'm afraid my lunches are always cold as well. I can't image a way to keep them warm while trying to photograph them, other than being a total maniac about it, like having everything totally set up and ready to go (like, with a tripod, the camera already focused, etc,). That'd be dedication.
nadja.robot PRO 12 years ago
I microwave my containers (when applicable) at work. I don't microwave the whole bento container (insulated steel like vito).
So at night (usually) I put all the foods (sometimes it's something I just cooked so it's hot, sometimes it's all cold) into the containers and take a few pictures. Then the lids go on, all the containers go into the insulated container, and it all goes in the fridge.
Can't you microwave the individual containers on your lunch-jar?
Biggie* 12 years ago
I photograph hot lunches in the thermal lunch jar -- first I heat and pack everything in the containers, close the lids lightly, set up the shot, remove lids and photograph (I think hot food looks better photographed warm rather than straight out of the fridge). Then I give the containers a short whirl in the microwave to make up for lost heat, and repack them in the pre-warmed container.
Subspace 12 years ago
oh, that's an interesting method. That's clever for keeping it warm.
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