Classic Pep 9:05pm, 24 September 2006
Hello all. For those of you who are thinking about getting a Mr. Bento. check out my pics of Mr. Bento first. Mr. Bento is not as large as you think.

I hope this helps.

.ams PRO 12 years ago
The size is actually a big part of what I appreciate about Mr. Bento -- it helps me with portion control.
kusine 12 years ago
Goodness, I think he's plenty big! On the occasions when my husband's borrowed him, he's also been plenty full after lunch. I think it's more what you pack rather than how much.
Classic Pep 12 years ago
Don't get me wrong here, Mr. Bento is plenty big for me, eh. But some folks might not like the size.

I have to agree with Ariel, it really helps on portion control and I've actually lost a few pounds using it.

nicoteena 12 years ago
Yeah, I'm one of those people. After a while, I bought a Ms Bento because the Mr is too big to carry around campus all day. Plus, there were some days when I had no idea what I was gonna fill him with.
mscrankychick 12 years ago
For some people, yes, the size may be an issue but for people looking to implement portion control into their daily dining, Mr. Bento is ideal. Also, I was a 'two instrument' luncher before I got mine - now I take time to plan out a soup, salad, main meal and fruit/grain.

I haven't lost any weight yet, but I just got Mr. B last week. He's on his second journey so far and as soon as my friend returns my dig camera, I'll be posting some pictures of what he's hauling to Wall Street.
nadja.robot PRO 12 years ago
Normally I think Mr. B is plenty large, some days I get snacky and get something at work or take another piece of fruit or a food-bar with me but 95% of the time I am very satisfied with it and sometimes I wonder how I can eat all that food (and I am not a dainty girl).
Every now and again I will get the filled container from the fridge and be shocked by how heavy it is... maybe I should start weighing it.
sobodda PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by sobodda (member) 12 years ago
I think Mr. Bento is TOO big! I guess it depends how many meals you are bringing. Our stomachs are (or should be, at least) about the size of our slightly opened fists, so any given meal shouldn't be that much bigger.

Except if you are at an all-you-can eat sushi place. Then the meal should be as big as humanly possible ;)
KJF916 12 years ago
I find it too large for me, also, sobodda. What I've done a few times this week is fill the center container with water and freeze it. The food on either side is fruit or a small side salad, and the center, while not water tight, stays upright and just keeps both sides even colder. With warm foods, I just put in a warm wet washcloth and put the lid on it, so I have a hot towel before and after lunch. I'm just not finding I need all those containers for my portion sizes, but, I still love looking at the ideas of Mr. Bento Porn.
sobodda PRO 12 years ago
Ooh, that's a good idea!
I got a Ms. Bento so I mostly use that now...I still like Mr. Bento for carrying assemble-at-work salads with lettuce in one container, dressing in another, assorted toppings in the rest...
hannahbearsmom 12 years ago
I put oatmeal (steel cut) into the second bowl, leaving three bowls for lunch. The soup bowl is smaller than I'd normally bring, which is good -- portion control. I've been filling the main bowl with veggies and the smallest bowl with fruit. Mr. Bento works great for my breakfast and lunches, but I like a little something in the afternoon, so I throw a piece of fruit into my tote. I also always have a bag of baby carrots in my office fridge.
cat.rigby Posted 12 years ago. Edited by cat.rigby (member) 12 years ago
4 compartments, unless I'm sharing with toddler, or packing 2 meals is on the large end of it for me.

The Classic size with 3 compartments is more my appetite.

Then the Ms Bento with the 2 with optional divider is good for my kid or a snack for me.

ginalamb 12 years ago
I really like the flexibility of the four containers in Mr. Bento. I work from 4 to 11 p.m., and it's nice to be able to pack an afternoon snack, my dinner and a late-evening snack all at once. No more vending machines or runs to the company cafeteria! And the portions are just right. I don't eat too much, and I don't feel hungry when I get home.

That said, I'm thinking about buying a Ms. Bento for travel. The size is just right for a carry-on bag. Has anyone else brought Mr. Bento, Ms. Bento or the Classic on a plane? It seems like it would be a lovely way to get around airline food (or the lack of it)!
sobodda PRO 12 years ago
I haven't brought it on a plane, but it does fit in a couple of very normal-sized shoulder bags I own (along with my wallet and all the other stuff I normally carry around...)
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