amietron PRO 6:09am, 11 September 2006
What's the best way to fit a sandwich into the largest container of the Mr. Bento? I really struggled to stuff mine into the compartment.

I've seen a few people with only half of a sandwich but I don't think half of a sandwich is enough for me! :)
.ams PRO 12 years ago
Like this, of course:

Hee hee hee. :)
ginalamb 12 years ago
Hi! I'm a new Mr. Bento owner (and very new to this group). I figured out the sandwich thing just last week.

Try a hamburger roll. It fits nicely into the bowl meant for rice.

Robyn the slug 12 years ago
mini round pita breads work well too =)
Critical Sass 12 years ago
I second the recommendation of hamurger buns.

12bento + breakfast

Tom's first bento!

Usually fits perfectly and they're hardy enough that you can pack on the toppings and smush it down and the bread will survive!
xaotica 12 years ago
i cut my sandwiches into teeny little triangles like this:

altho i don't actually bring sandwiches in the bento that often..
hannahbearsmom Posted 12 years ago. Edited by hannahbearsmom (member) 12 years ago
I cut my sandwich into thirds. I fit the three strips in lying on one of the long sides. When all three strips were in the container, my tuna on wheat sandwich looked like a slice of layer cake.
difficult wind [deleted] 12 years ago
My sammy shrank. I used one of the bowls as a cutter (someone somewhere suggested it) and plopped my sammy in, but when I took it out for lunch, it seemed to have shrunk. hahaha. I guess I'll have to try another method.
amanky 12 years ago
I see that a croissant works well too!
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