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discojing says:

Hi All,
I just got my Ms. Bento yesterday, and it is in all Japanese. While I speak and read Japanese pretty fluently, I want to know some of your basic instructions to using Mr./Ms. Bento.
I've heard people say that they don't need to prep with hot water, and that dishwashing is okay. (I washed mine on the top shelf on light, omitting the valved top lip on the inside container and the jar itself).

I'll be using the bento at college, and wont have a dishwasher in my apartment probably, though I will have plentyof food!

Thanks for any help you can offer~
4:32PM, 16 August 2006 PDT (permalink)

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janetcinnc says:

Hi Nicole,

I received a pdf file from Zojirushi with English instructions for the Ms. Bento. It says that you should preheat with hot water before storing foods. I do it by putting nearly boiling water in the inner cups (then attaching the lids) and by filling up the outer container with hot water and capping it with the little soup bowl and the outer lid. I let it sit for at least 10 minutes with the hot water while I'm preparing the foods. My daughter reports that her food is still piping hot at lunch when I preheat it this way.

If I want to send cold food, I simply put the bowls and the open outer container in the fridge overnight. Be sure to leave the lid off the outer container to allow the cold air in.

As for washing, the info from Zojirushi says to use warm water and a soft cloth for handwashing the inner containers & lids and the outer container & it's lid. You should remove the gasket on the soup bowl for washing. Dry with a soft cloth and leave the lids off while drying. Do not use abrasive products nor bleach to wash. Do not soak, and do not use a dishwasher on any part of the Ms. Bento.

You can view the pdf files of the manuals for Ms. Bento, Mr. Bento, and Bento Classic at www.zojirushi.com/servicesupport/manuals/index.html
Scroll down to the "non-electric products" section. The Ms. Bento is found under SL-MA07/SL-MB07 (672 KB). Bento Classic is under
SL-XA20 (724 KB). Mr. Bento is SL-JA14 (740 KB).
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