cecilnhou2 4:50am, 23 June 2006
Well I called Zor after a few emails. You can get a whole set for $15 and my shipping was only $3! They were SO SO SO nice! When i emailed the lady that now I might be in the market for a set, cause my smallest bowl is either hiding from me or took off on his own, she wrote back:

"At least he did not take all his buddies with him?"

ROFL - lovely people.
nicoteena 12 years ago
LOL how awesome!

Thanks for letting us know; that is really comforting.
sheri219 12 years ago
That's fantastic! I'm thinking about ordering an extra set of bowls just in case. Would you pass on the number when you get a chance?
nicoteena 11 years ago
My brother has been abusing Mr. Bento and I'm thinking I may need to order replacement bowls. I was going to order a new one and just letting him keep the abused one, but in case I decide to just order replacements, do you have the number available?
NoriRapHowlee 11 years ago
800-733-6270 ask for customer service
or 310-769-1900 if you are local. or you can email to support@zojirushi.com. nice folks - nice products.
good luck!

spicy brains 10 years ago
Dude, that's awesome. I think I'm going to order an extra set of bowls because I usually run 'em through the dishwasher after dinner, which was fine when I only needed the bowls every other day, but now that I'm daily it doesn't work as well.
seahills1 10 years ago
Hello - do the bowls include the lids? My dog chewed up the rice bowl lid...
.ams PRO 10 years ago
Yes. You get both bowls and lids.
mrklaw 10 years ago
You can also just order specific items. I bought a replacement rubber gasket for my soup bowl. It was only a couple of dollars + another couple of dollars for shipping. I probably would have bought another set of containers at the same time if I had seen this thread first.
hwianshirt08204 10 years ago
Ok, you guys will like this. I just got an email from Chico Schaefer at
Zojirushi America Corp. and it has a full price list for the bowl parts and shipping. I will be away for about a week but anyone wanting me to forward it just email me at hwianshirt@hotmail.com and subject it Mr. bento. I also asked the question about the type of plastic the bowls are made of and BPA. Mr. Schaefer had this to say...(straight cut and paste)

The containers for the lunch jars are made of polypropylene (P.P.)/Recycle#5 and the lid is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)/Recycle#2

BPA will leach from Polycarbonate plastic products. Our lunch jars don't contain BPA.

So, there ya go folks. Maybe, when the info gets out, we can make it sticky or something.

NoriRapHowlee 10 years ago
Just wanted to confirm what Adam has posted. Chico is the CS manager here at ZO and she knows her stuff. The materials, ratings and BPA statements are all accurate and MrBento approved! So if you need bowls, lids or just parts for either, email or call ZO CS and you will get what you need. Keep on rocking with your bentownership!
hwianshirt08204 10 years ago
Sorry about assuming that Chico was a guy. I've only ever had contact with male Chicos. Man, that doesn't sound right either. I've never "had contact with male Chicos". Not that there's anything wrong with that. (nothing at all)
fula97 PRO 9 years ago
thanks for this I was able to order another set of bowls
Firefoxx65 9 years ago
I am so excited that I got a whole new set of replacement bowls today! Yay! Now when I pack Spaghetti or Chili I will use the old Soup bowl. For some reason my old Rice Bowl and lid are really hard to open and shut now for no apparent reason. Has anyone else ever had that problem?
gamy metal [deleted] 9 years ago
Re: Firefoxx65
That's good that the lids are tight, it's better for retaining heat.
crowded idea [deleted] 9 years ago
I am new to the Mr Bento and thanks for the info because I am thinking to order a whole set for the same reason as spicy brains mentioned (dishwasher). I think what Zor can do next is to publish a mr bento recipes book.
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