.ams PRO 3:15am, 7 June 2006
I've noticed that Mr. Bento really makes a difference in how I eat ... instead stuffing myself with one big meal in the middle of the day, I eat each of the containers spread out through the day. Usually I eat around 10:30, noon, 1pm, and 3:30. Then, I'm not starving when I get home, and I have less of a need to madly inhale food as soon as I walk in the door.

Granted, I paired Mr. Bento w/ Weight Watchers, but has anyone else noticed a weight loss or health/feel difference after using Mr. Bento for a while? I didn't bring lunch at all last week, and I found myself eating way more for both lunch AND dinner.

.bluesky 12 years ago
Yeah, I've done the Mad Inhale more times than I wish to remember!

For me, planning ahead is key and Mr. Bento definitely helps. I eat far less throughout the day b/c I'm more satisfied with what I have--a variety of flavors, colors, textures. I'm also less tempted to graze the vending machines or cookies left in the break room. When I'm finished with what's in the containers I'm done. Period! Leaves less to chance. If I feel like I've had a skimpy breakfast or I know I'll be coming home later than usual or am feeling like I might be more susceptible to consuming junk (sometimes my salad doesn't seem appealing no matter how photogenic it is) I'll grab an energy bar before I leave the house and stick it in the side pocket.
Seymore Sinn 12 years ago
Oddly enough, I have lost wieght using Mr. Bento, though I wasn't trying to and have never dieted. It's really wierd, but I think its because he's replaced my old lunch standby; a package of ramen, and this in turn has led to the curtailing of my huge after 10pm dinners.
Erica Nofi 12 years ago
Mr. Bento has definitely helped me with loosing weight! I had been packing similar, balanced, low-calorie lunches before I got him, but he makes it a lot easier. The little containers speed up measuring, allow for variety, and encourage me to bring lots of veggies and fruit. I usually eat mine all in just one sitting, although I work at the same time, so it often takes me two hours to finish everything.
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