.bluesky 3:11am, 27 May 2006
I'm heartbroken! I'm missing my littlest container. (I have the lid.) This is so crazy because the last time I used it I was home. (Had a little extra time on my lunch hour and walked home...) So, in theory, it's still in my home. I've even looked through the garbage. I'm hoping it's here and I'm staring right at it and not realizing it.

Has anyone found out if it's possible to buy replacement containers?
.ams PRO 12 years ago
I'm pretty sure you can get parts through Zojirushi customer service
.bluesky 12 years ago
thanks! It was a false alarm. I ended up going through the trash CSI-style with the rubber gloves. It got tossed by mistake. I'll make note of the link.
nicoteena Posted 12 years ago. Edited by nicoteena (member) 12 years ago
Good thing you noticed it was missing before the trash was taken! ^^

I almost threw away the rubber sealer on the soup bowl once. I would have been crushed...
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