dallobs 2:07am, 20 May 2006
Not only do I have the Mr. Bento, I have the Zojirushi Wide Tuff thermos. They both rock!
dallobs 12 years ago
Anyone else have a *very* tight fitting lid on the rice bowl? It's a real struggle to get it off. The other improvement I've done is to place a couple layers of folded aluminum foil over the top bowl to give it a little insulation on the topside.
dklegman 12 years ago
My rice bowl hasn't been that stubborn, but I've found the soup bowl likes to stick shut and sometimes requires a feat of strength to open. It hadn't always been like that; I first noticed it after about 5 months of use.
rosellewind 12 years ago
Backpackers use reflective bubble-wrap for cooking in. They turn off the stove after the water has boiled and transfer the pot to the bubble-wrap cozy. I don't have Mr Bento yet, but I would think that it would work to insulate the top if there was room.
nicoteena 12 years ago
I have the Mr and Ms, and neither rice bowl sticks. Mr B's soup bowl did stick sometimes for me as well.
kusine 12 years ago
Within the last month, both of the bottom bowls have gotten really, really stuck a couple times. It seems to be mostly a problem if the temp changes rapidly. Now that I know that, I'm being more careful and having fewer problems.
melmcwey 12 years ago
After a loooong wait, Mr. Bento finally arrived yesterday at my doorstep!!! The process was complicated, ordering it from amazon and having it shipped to someone i know in the States so he could send it over... No Mr. Bento shipping to Europe, you see. It has taken a little less than a month to get it. So i guess that makes me the first European Bento owner (at least on Flickr, hehe).
sporktastic 12 years ago
Mister arrived today. Can't wait to take him for a spin next week. Now off to ponder what his maiden voyage will include...
ficbot 12 years ago
I got a Mr Vito today! (maybe it is called Mr. Vitro?) Anyway, I am quite excited. I am looking for some little round containers I can use to subdivide the thermos part on days I want to take cold stuff. But mostly I am thrilled I can take soups to work now!
Irini G 12 years ago
Hello. I just bought a Mr. Bento yesterday. I am so excited and hope to be up and running after grocery shopping this weekend. I must say that the soup top on mine is very hard to twist off. I hope it loosens up a bit or I will end up with soup all over me. Yikes! Also, thanks to all on this site, you helped me make my decision to buy a Mr. Bento and I am very pleased with the quality and set-up.
melmcwey Posted 12 years ago. Edited by melmcwey (member) 12 years ago
About those lids, i'm having so much trouble with the one on my soup bowl, i had to leave it behind today, since i wasn't capable of opening it. Is there a way to get the air out or any trick to open it?
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